Virtual Customer Service Only at a Brick and Mortar Financial Institution 

So I’m at the Western Credit Union – Pathways Credit Union, Georgesville Rd and there are no more tellers. Instead you have to go to an ATM style device with a phone, monitor, and tube chute. 3 of these devices and you have to wait in line to get to them. I commented to an assistant that this was poor customer service and her reply was that a lot of banks are going to this. I replied then why bother coming in and just go thru the drive-thru. So I wait in line after speaking with an assistant first as to how to do what I needed to do and that was to move money from my other Credit Union into this one. I fill out two slips give them my government issued ID and my membership card and submit via the tube and wait. Finally the video monitor pops on and a smiling teller asks if I submitted my stuff yet which I replied yes. She responds she needs to go get it. I wait, she comes back on to inform me that their systems are down and that I would need my debit card to my other Credit Union (which I never use or carry). I respond to just give everything back to me. Curious as to why the only physical person I spoke to in the flesh couldn’t have shared with me that their network systems were down? I guess she wanted me to enjoy this “prison” experience.    

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