Columbus City Police Dispatch restricting calls based on officer availability and level of severity.

Columbus City Police Dispatch restricting calls based on officer availability and level of severity.

This restrictive run business is getting to be for the birds. Poor customer service and I will be complaining about it the next opportunity I get. Yeah not every incident called into the Police is of the utmost importance but seriously? Then give us a list of what calls will be taken for the day when we call in so we don’t bother. Oh and BTW let’s share this no response list with our criminals so they know what day to do what – Like department store sales.

Mon and Wed it’s ok to break into cars – no police action
Tue and Thur it’s ok to break into houses – no police action
Fri and Sat it’s ok to assault someone that lives – no police action.
Sunday well that’s the Lord’s day it’s ok to steal stained glass and air conditioner compressors.

Yeah right this needs to be addressed immediately with our CPD commander!

We can’t expect to educate our community to “If you see it report it” – If no action is going to be taken about it.

[UPDATE: 07/14/15] So been doing a bit of surface research and my concern just got magnified with this recent bit of information that there are contract negotiations in the works for Columbus to start dispatching Upper Arlington (UA) PD calls. It’s far from a done deal, while the issue is on the table. It’s my understanding that Columbus will NOT add any more dispatching staff should this happen — which will in turn, make Columbus dispatchers even more overworked with the added call volume. Many UA residents are against ‘losing’ their radio room and have started a small group. If Columbus starts dispatching for UA, that could potentially impact Columbus residents getting through even more! Apparently calls are already being transferred from UA dispatchers to the Columbus PD. So not only do we NOT have enough Police coverage, now we can potentially face longer hold/handle times when contacting the Columbus Police Dispatch unit. Definitely a heightened concern. I am researching further to solidly confirm my research.


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