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Mask requirement lifted in South Carolina for restaurants and State Government buildings.

It was utterly ridiculous to be wearing a mask in a restaurant anyway just to take it off at the table! If you want to wear a mask then continue to do so. If you are a business and wish to continue requiring to wear masks then do so. We are a people with our differences and our choices with how we proceed with that. The tools and resources are out there. We need to return to a fully functional economy. I won’t condemn the mask wearers matter of fact I respect your choice, don’t condemn me for my choices which will continue to involve wearing masks as I deem appropriate. Most of y’all mask wearers were bare nose mask wearers anyway! 😀

Disinfect surfaces for COVID-19 – Overkill?

I’ve always believed this. But it’s not to say we shouldn’t stop just be more practical about it. We all know we all have been lazy on cleaning surfaces especially in the public forum. Be clean but perhaps we don’t need to continue to hire “sanitizers” to disinfect our offices weekly and watch the decay of the furniture, film on all surfaces, and the dying of plants. I myself don’t find living amongst that in itself very healthy.

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