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The Columbus Health Department is targeting the Hilltop for its rat control program this spring.

The Columbus Health Department is targeting the Hilltop for its rat control program this spring.

Health department spokesman Scott Whittaker told the Greater Hilltop Area Commission at its Feb. 2 meeting that the aim of the program is to determine if there is a problem, what is causing it, and how to get rid of it. He explained that the rat control project began in 2012 in Clintonville and has spread to different neighborhoods, with success.

Rodent control program discussed at Hilltop Commission

Will the West Side Ever Cash in on the Casino?

There is no doubt that the Hollywood Casino has been an improvement to the Westside-Hilltop community. The Casino has many times given money to community causes. Of course the amount is impacted by how much business the casino itself brings in. I have seen many improvements on W. Broad St – of course west of Wilson Rd but nonetheless, improvements. Our problem is (On the Hilltop) and will continue to be a problem because of housing overstock, housing decay, slumlord investors praying and renting to less fortunate populations. This will continue to be unless communities/associations/leaders start working together to force the city to put tough ordinances in place to require that properties be maintained to a standard (and enforced) and to strongly regulate investors renting properties. There needs to be high standard requirements when an investor, especially absentee comes in and starts renting properties that wouldn’t be fit to live in for most of us, but rather geared to a desperate population willing to pay for inefficient housing because they may not qualify elsewhere. We as community citizens need to stop being complacent and stop allowing the trash dumping, drug houses, prostitution, and especially crime to person and property to move in to our streets and communities. We need to start working together with one voice in bringing suggestions, solutions to the city for implementation. If current commissions or associations are not stepping up to this task then we need to have them disbanded and form new ones. In short we can’t be blaming the Hollywood Casino because first they are not in our community they are in Franklin Township who benefits from a percentage of their income taxes. The Casino generously donates money to community causes for the Hilltop, however they are not responsible for the issues facing us. We are. Get out and contribute. Amazingly enough, it starts by just taking care of your own property, picking up the trash on your own street, observing what goes on around you and document it, report it and to FOLLOW-UP. In today’s world nothing is ever resolved by addressing it one time, it is a continual process. It is demanding, draining, and can be time-consuming but if you want a better community you have no choice but to contribute and not be complacent to what is going on around you. Let’s all start today by going out and daily picking up the trash in front of your house, yard and back ways. You will be amazed what you will see in one month of doing this.