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Humans, like many other animals, crave the taste of salt. Animals frequent salt licks, humans have traded salt for equal weights of gold, and the word “salary” comes from the Roman soldier’s allowance for purchasing salt. Salt appears in our language in idioms like “worth its salt” and “salt of the earth.”


Pot Roast Crockpot Comfort Dinner

Pot Roast washed and patted dry
Season to taste
Pepper, garlic powder, liebstoeckel-blaetter (Lovage or Maggikraut), and Thai chili spice powder
Heat fry pan
Add olive oil
Brown Pot Roast on all sides remove
Put on bottom of crockpot with drippings
Add red wine just enough to cover the bottom of the crockpot but not immersing the pot roast
Cook on medium for about two hours
Remove pot roast from crockpot

Before removing pot roast from crockpot have already prepared:
Peel 2 turnips
Cut into sliver strips
Put in bowl with water and cover
Microwave for 4 minutes
Drain turnips and put on bottom of crockpot

Potatoes, peeled and quartered
Put on top of turnips

Put pot roast on top of turnips and potatoes
Add one thai or other type of pepper
Cook on medium until potatoes are over half done

Before potatoes are over half done have already prepared:
Kale wash and remove the leaves from the stems
Put on top of the pot roast
Cook on medium until kale is desired “doneness”

Remove kale from top and put into serving dish
Remove pot roast and let sit covered with aluminum foil

Remove potatoes and turnips with slotted spoon and put in serving dish

Broth pour into gravy bowl or can further thicken over stove. Note starch from potatoes provided some thickness to broth.

Serve TV dinner style






Ohio Attorney General Speaking Out Against Opiate Epidemic

Well unfortunately that is not going to happen unless more funds are allocated to drug enforcement. Community leaders now try to get the drug selling houses reported to the drug line but the response time is slow because of so many calls or documentation and evidence submitted is not enough to make a bust. Drug selling is on the “fly” we need drug enforcement available on the “fly” as well.