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World Aids Day is today: December 1, 2017

World Aids Day is today: December 1, 2017

It is suggested that there will be another HIV/AIDS pandemic within the next decade;

✿ Funding cuts to key U.S. programs that support medicine and treatment are coming that will substantially limit current access to the expensive drug therapies for many

✿ As more and more people are contracting HIV strains that are resistant to current drug therapies

✿ More and more people that currently do not have the virus are taking HIV pre-exposure drugs to prevent contracting the virus but continue to practice unsafe safe thusly increasing their chances of contracting a drug resistant strain of HIV

✿ As these new infections increase exponentially especially with strains resistant to current drug therapies, the new exposure cases will far exceed current production abilities of producing the medications.

Be aware! HIV/AIDS effects and impacts us all!

Foreign Policy: The Next AIDS Pandemic, BY LAURIE GARRETT | JULY 26, 2017, 2:46 PM




There are many things we are not required to do including not putting a flag out for American Holidays. We do these things though by choice, patronage, respect, citizenship, and solidarity for our country! After all that is why we are a democracy and not North Korea. Heck I even remember my citizenship badge in the Boy Scouts! It would come to think though that we would teach the value of patronage and why we should be thankful to be an American in our schools and thankful for the quality of life we have because we are Americans. Showing respect is just a way of being thankful, respect a value of which ideally should be taught at home but then that is another topic!

School board chair calls Trump ‘bonafide idiot,’ tells students they don’t have to stand for pledge
Nov 22, 2017 11:31 am

“A Democratic school board chairman in Virginia is drawing attention after he called Republican President Donald Trump a “bonafide [sic] idiot” and made it clear that students and employees are free to not stand for the national anthem and Pledge of Allegiance.”


$185k to help immigrants in the City of Columbus

Jeez, our Columbus City Council going to fork out $185,000 to help fund legal issues of undocumented immigrants in the City of Columbus. Again band-aid money to cover an issue that has been going on for decades because of our country’s poor immigration policy enforcement and only becoming an issue now because our current President has the balls to say and do something about it. The rules were very clear when undocumented people came into our country and took advantage of having children in our country relying on the laxness of our enforcement policy that they would be able to stay permanently just because they had children in our country. Come on politicians take the money and instead campaign to find a way to allow these undocumented parents to become citizens of our country providing they are working and are contributing members of our society and did not or have not ran from the law in our country or theirs. THEN make our immigration policy clear and stop any new undocumented people coming into our country for whatever reason.

As a country we cannot continue to offer welfare, food, shelter to EVERY person in the world. We as a country even though we may want to cannot sustain this. It needs to stop! We have enough citizens in our own country in need of food, shelter, education, and other forms of assistance and they struggle and compete daily and our actually given secondary status so many of our undocumented people will receive this assistance. Again it needs to stop! Let these undocumented people seek financial assistance for their legal defense from members of their own community, churches, and organizations that have specialized and continue to specialize in bringing in immigrants both documented and undocumented and then washing their hands of their well being citing that it is now the state and government’s responsibility to take over.

Personally I’d rather see this money going towards our current heroin epidemic by funding additional law enforcement to combat the drug dealers.


Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat – We have to check our kid’s candy bags after trick or treat night to be sure there is no tampered candy and now parents have to go to the State registered sex offender’s website to look for sex offenders in the area to be sure their kids do not come a knocking on those doors. Seems trick or treat has become a thing of the past and is no longer safe or palatable today.


Happy Catholic Italian-American Day!

Someone wished me a Happy Indigenous People’s day yesterday. Yes, Columbus Day is the day commemorating the landing of Christopher Columbus in the Americas on October 12, 1492. It was unofficially celebrated in a number of cities and states as early as the 18th century, but did not become a federal holiday until 1937 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed Columbus Day a national holiday, largely as a result of intense lobbying by the Knights of Columbus, an influential Catholic fraternal organization. So really, the holiday is a way of both honoring Columbus’ achievements and celebrating Italian-American Catholic heritage.

Myself I was taught in school that Christopher Columbus discovered America as that is how the history books portrayed him back then.

Myself I would be offended if I was an indigenous person and wished a Happy Indigenous People’s day because from that perspective, that was the day that my lands and culture was assimilated into a European culture which happened to be mostly “white”.

So renaming a federal holiday honoring a person who made that achievement of crossing an ocean and “discovering” a new land to a holiday honoring that one’s lands and culture was forever changed seems would be a day I would not want to celebrate.

Perhaps we should just remove the holiday since many of us, myself included, are not Catholic nor Italian-American. Or perhaps we should rename the holiday to what it really is Happy Catholic Italian-American Day!


A monument a statue

This was on a Classic Cartoons feature on Netflix and I found it really interesting that it was prefaced before the cartoons in the feature. It got me to think about this whole monuments/statue issue and find it is very much related.

A monument is a statue, building, or other structure erected to commemorate a famous or notable person or event. What adjective you use to describe it is solely your interpretation and deciding to tear down monuments for reasons based on our sensibilities today defeats the purpose of that monument no matter how you look at it.

The strength of our Nation was built on the taking advantage of others. In fact every country has done this and it is practiced to this day in the business world. It’s not right but it has happened and continues to happen. At the end of the day it’s not about what statue we allow to remain up but rather how we educate our society and our children as to what is considered right and acceptable. And let’s not forget that what we deem today as right and acceptable may just be the opposite decades from now. We tend to forget our sensibilities of right and wrong are driven by the society we live in so condemning what we have done in our past based on our sensibilities today is flawed. We have to understand why it was done, how it impacted the society then and what we can learn from that going forward in formulating what we consider an acceptable society today.