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WOKE, Dressing in Public, Censorship

When our government now censors or bans what was before considered generally acceptable and we are complacent with that, well we have just happily accepted being herded like cattle.  

And what do cattle do? Anything and everything they are led to do! 

What happens when you do everything you are led to do? You happily remove choice, individuality, self-motivation, expression, desire, and most importantly the pursuit of happiness. 

Be that cow if you want but I’m proud to be an American. An American as defined in the United States Declaration of Independence: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness!

These rights are not given to us by the government. We have them even if the government does not respect them.  They cannot  be taken away from us, and we cannot give them away.  

Equality, rights, liberty, opportunity, and democracy.


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Mask requirement lifted in South Carolina for restaurants and State Government buildings.

It was utterly ridiculous to be wearing a mask in a restaurant anyway just to take it off at the table! If you want to wear a mask then continue to do so. If you are a business and wish to continue requiring to wear masks then do so. We are a people with our differences and our choices with how we proceed with that. The tools and resources are out there. We need to return to a fully functional economy. I won’t condemn the mask wearers matter of fact I respect your choice, don’t condemn me for my choices which will continue to involve wearing masks as I deem appropriate. Most of y’all mask wearers were bare nose mask wearers anyway! 😀

Disinfect surfaces for COVID-19 – Overkill?

I’ve always believed this. But it’s not to say we shouldn’t stop just be more practical about it. We all know we all have been lazy on cleaning surfaces especially in the public forum. Be clean but perhaps we don’t need to continue to hire “sanitizers” to disinfect our offices weekly and watch the decay of the furniture, film on all surfaces, and the dying of plants. I myself don’t find living amongst that in itself very healthy.

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Food Deficiencies in our Fruits and Vegetables

I recently was diagnosed with hypokalemia or severe potassium deficiency which came as a shock to me as I’ve never had that issue before. Could be my age or changes to my blood pressure medication or just stress perhaps from recently moving and not eating fresh over processed foods.

Sadly the symptoms of weakness and fatigue, muscle aches and stiffness, I just contributed to the recent move which occurred daily, evenings after work.

As I started researching more and attempting to understand why I would have this condition it occurred to me that even though I have been eating potassium rich foods in my diet, was I really getting the nutrients that are typically associated with those foods? Perhaps my normal consumption all these years has been sufficient but now eating those same potassium rich foods are no longer as nutritious. I had this discussion with my bud when I lived in Columbus, Ohio as he has been dealing with potassium deficiency for 15 years now. I’ve watched and been a part of the many issues associated with this condition. The “K’ counting and documenting and eating the daily requirement and it occurred to him that perhaps these foods are no longer as rich in potassium or other nutrients as they once were.

Since moving to South Carolina Midlands and seeing crops grown on farmland that is basically sand, how are these fruits and vegetables getting the nutrients they need? Man introduced! We are adding chemicals to these foods as the soil itself is not sufficient in nutrients to normally feed them. After decades of farming in our country our soil is basically just something to hold the plant’s roots in.

I guess for now I will have to just double my intake to compensate for these foods that just decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than the varieties most of us get today.


Police Being Hostile?

A bystander’s perception of actions occurring may be perceived as hostile but that bystander doesn’t know the rules and protocols that a police officer has to follow. We put our faith in our police officers to be doing their job with integrity and objectivity. Additionally and of course the story doesn’t go into how all this started and the images captured are of course from the bystanders perceptive so what do we really know? When we continually assume bad faith from our police officers to defend our communities, what do we have left? – Anarchy? And who do we have to blame for anarchy, the citizens or the police?


BLACK VOICES 06/12/2019 12:25 am ET
Woman’s Video Of Police Aiming Guns At Kneeling Man Goes Viral


The woman in Hawthorne, California, begged officers to put their guns down as they pointed it at a black man who was kneeling with his hands above his head.

A woman in the Los Angeles area is being praised for filming police as they confronted a black man with their guns drawn while he knelt with his hands above his head.

In the video, filmed Friday in the city of Hawthorne, at least four officers can be seen pointing their guns at the man, who is kneeling on the sidewalk, facing away from the officers with his hands up.

More Hawthorne Police Department officers arrive as the woman, Sky Holsey, begs the officers to put their guns away. The man can be heard saying he is unarmed.

Holsey said the incident occurred at a busy intersection in Hawthorne, in Los Angeles County. William Ewell, 24, ended up being arrested that Friday morning, police records show.


Holsey’s video went viral over the weekend, leaving many people outraged over the number of police officers with their guns drawn. Some people credit Holsey with preventing the officers from using deadly force against Ewell.

Holsey told HuffPost in an email that she was getting gas before work when the confrontation occurred. She said Ewell, whom she doesn’t know personally, “instantly” surrendered to the officers by kneeling with his hands up, noting that “he seemed in shock.”

Holsey said she began filming because she believed that the police were using excessive force.

“Is all that really necessary,” Holsey can be heard telling the officers in the video. “Is all the guns drawn on him necessary?”

He was arrested in connection with an argument with a gas station employee over a prior purchase, according to a news release posted by police on Monday. Police arrested Ewell on suspicion of robbery. He was released Monday with a citation, according to an arrest record.

Asked whether the actions of the officers were justified, Holsey told HuffPost: “Absolutely not.”


“Everybody seems to ‘fit the description,’” she said. “Plus, I thought it was too excessive for that many police and the guns drawn like that.”

As Holsey filmed the confrontation Friday, she warned Ewell to stay still “because they will shoot you” while she asked the officers to put their guns down and just arrest the man.

Holsey began crying as the officers kept their guns aimed at Ewell, as seen on her video. She later told the officers that her boyfriend, Leroy Browning, was killed by police in 2015.

After more than two minutes of filming, the police apprehended Ewell. One officer approached Holsey and told her that they were responding to a robbery and that the man “loosely matches the description” of the suspect.

“We’re not saying he’s a suspect, but we’ve got to figure out what’s going on,” the officer told her, a moment that was also captured on her video. “It says a weapon was involved. That’s the only reason he gets held at gunpoint.”

In a series of tweets, Rebecca Kavanagh, an attorney and media relations director of The Appeal, a criminal reform news blog, said that Holsey was “remarkable” for filming the incident, which she described as a “massive over-use of force.”

On Monday, Kavanagh said that police often justify arrests by claiming that the person “matched the description.”

“This is absolutely the number one pretext police use to stop and search Black and Brown people,” she tweeted.

Kavanagh described those searches as “harassment” on Sunday.

In a news release on Sunday, the Hawthorne Police Department said that an employee of a gas station flagged police on the street and pointed to a “male subject” across the street, accusing him of assaulting an employee.

At the same time, police say, someone called 911 to report a robbery with “possibly weapons involved.”

Police accused Ewell of arguing with a female cashier over a “prior purchase” and “forcibly” grabbing “store items from the display.” Police also claimed that Ewell assaulted an employee with a trashcan.

Kavanagh on Tuesday warned people against taking the police news release at face value.

Columbus TV weatherman Marshall McPeek under fire for remarks at LGBTQ journalists’ conference

It so saddens me as this is not the first time I’ve run across our LGBTQ community being so hateful and judgemental of others not in accordance of their personal views. Do we forget the hate and persecution directed at us that we’ve all faced thru the decades and now that we ALL enjoy a more accepting climate, we are the ones that spit out the most hate and condemnation of any person, group, or government official including our President that has any viewpoint or value system that differs or seems different from our own? And it is utterly disgusting that our community and especially the NLGJA could not embrace this opportunity and at least counter Marshall McPeek’s comments at the time of being said and turned it into a positive situation. Poor choice of words on his part, agreed but as anyone in the writing profession or any bilingual person familiar with the languages that to this day use grammatical gender in everyday conversation – he – she – it (neutral); he was not exactly wrong. Our community within the last couple decades created other sexual identity terms: sex & gender (traditional), cisgender, transgender, and transsexual. Science has shown and proven that “gender” is not even entirely of one body and that there can actually be multiple “genders” in one body but this is going to take several generations for people to even grasp or understand this. “Male” and “female” has been ingrained across multiple societies and cultures since man began to label and name everything it observed. So come on “queer as folk” give this man a break and listen to what the man said, look at him as a person and think of his character and whether he really meant his choice of words to be interpreted literally as most of you have taken to the moon to mean. We are supposed to be a diverse, loving, caring, and understanding group of people but now that we have gained major acceptance and understanding in many of our societies we have become nothing more than hateful people demanding that our viewpoints and beliefs are absolute and that anyone not accepting of them are the ultimate “haters”. Seems very Ku Klux Klan, White Supremacists, or Christians Against Gays to me and I for one am totally ashamed that our LGBTQ community has become nothing more than these other “hate” groups. Accept the man’s apology and perhaps allow him to clarify and elaborate what his thoughts were at the time of presentation where his choice of words failed. He is after all a talented media man and perhaps we should take advantage of his skill set and perhaps invite him in educating others of inclusiveness of transgender and nonbinary journalists. And just for the record, as a gay man of 58 years I have NEVER heard of a nonbinary journalist and I challenge many of you in the LGBTQ community if you have heard the same. Move on with love, awareness, acceptance, and the ability to educate others and quit with the condemnation of anyone not accepting, aware, or having the ability to understand what WE are all about! 🏳️‍🌈 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Meteorologist addresses LGBTQ audience as ‘things and its’ at journalism conference
At a reception sponsored by Fox News, Ohio-based meteorologist Marshall McPeek addressed the LGBTQ audience as “ladies and gentlemen, things and its.”
by Tim Fitzsimons / Sep.10.2018 / 12:58 PM ET

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. — NLGJA: The Association of LGBTQ Journalists issued an apology on Sunday after an emcee at its annual conference welcomed a crowd of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer news professionals as “ladies and gentlemen, things and its.”

“We’ve worked hard for many years to make NLGJA an inclusive organization for transgender and nonbinary journalists,” the organization said in a statement. “People were understandably hurt and offended by last night’s remarks. As journalists, we understand uniquely that words matter. We apologize and are committed to working to make NLGJA more inclusive and diverse.”

Marshall McPeek, chief meteorologist for Sinclair Broadcast Group-owned Fox 28 and ABC 6 in Columbus, Ohio, made the offending remarks on Saturday evening during the conference’s closing reception, which was sponsored by Fox News. McPeek apologized later that same evening for his comments and resigned his NLGJA membership shortly thereafter.

News of the incident spread beyond the Palm Springs conference after reporter Mary Emily O’Hara, who was in the audience, captured the moment in a widely shared tweet.

McPeek’s remarks cast a pall over the event and several attendees walked out. Monica Roberts, a transgender writer from Houston who was present during Saturday’s closing reception, wrote about the incident Monday on her blog, TransGriot.

“While I am happy McPeek came back later and apologized and NLGJA an organization I’ve been a member of for several years has released a statement about it, the damage was still done,” Roberts wrote. “No Mr. McPeek and by extension, NLGJA and FOX News, there were no ‘things and its’ in that Hotel Zoso room that September 8 night. There were trans, gender non-conforming (GNC) and non-binary (NB) people in there. There were your trans, GNC and NB media colleagues in that room.”

Doctors – Insurance Companies

Jeez, my doctors office drives me crazy. You literally have to DEMAND what you want done. They won’t refill my Adderall script unless I come in for a Med Check and “Would I like to schedule an appointment?” – which typically is months out. “NO!” I need the drug script as I will be out of them this Friday and I shouldn’t be expected to be taken off of a controlled drug and risk withdrawal symptoms just because I wasn’t advised that I have to have a 3 month Med Check in order to get a controlled drug script filled. Let’s not get into the fact that my doctor’s office doesn’t have the technology to email the controlled script to my pharmacy so I have to pick up a script every month and hand carry it to my pharmacy until I learned recently that I could get three scripts written the later two post dated and present them all to the pharmacy at the same time. And also let’s not get into the fact that my Insurance company insisted that I use this drug because my former drug, Provigil, is too expensive to be filled by my current Insurance provider. So my Insurance provider puts me on a controlled drug that is addictive solely because of cost and not being considerate of my health and risk that I could potentially become addicted to the cheaper drug instead of giving me the more expensive non-addictive drug. I am so glad open enrollment on is open again and is still in place so I can get off of this WORST Insurance provider I have ever had. As a knowledgable Licensed Healthcare Insurance Agent I always stress to friends and colleagues that one has to take control of their own health and know exactly what to ask for each time you go to the doctor’s office. Like always come with a list of questions to ask, always demand that the doctor take the time to answer those questions. And this is the hardest part because who really knows the ins and outs of what you need to do such as always being sure where you go is covered on your insurance plan; to be sure when you are referred to a specialist that they are on your plan; to be sure when you are prescribed a drug, it is covered on your insurance plan; to ALWAYS ask questions of the drug being prescribed to you directly to your doctor and to always research the drug after leaving the office; to always get that next appointment on the books before leaving the office; to always take control of how YOU want issues of your health managed. All this alone makes for one to never go to a doctor and just live by: “If I don’t know about it, it can’t hurt me.”