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COVID-19 Vaccination Potentially Being Offered at My Work

Hmm, email from HR, seems I may be able to get the vaccine after all since I’m a frontline employee!   

Email from HR: “…Based on your job duties and responsibilities as a frontline employee, you have been identified by the agency as potentially falling in phase 1b for the COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Due to limited supply of the vaccine and for agency reporting purposes, your response to the survey at the following link is necessary.” 

If I turn into a human eating alien, some of you already know who I will be eating first! 

Happy Friday! 


New President

New President, new speech, old President almost old news. Within my house, I still got up this morning, did my morning routine, said good morning to Christopher and off to work I went. Things may change, the world may change but by the time it trickles down to us, it’s still the same routine, just different players outside the house, for inside the house it’s the same.