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Gun real or toy

A gun is a weapon, it’s purpose is to hurt or kill. A gun is not for looks nor for play. My point if you are playing with a gun real or otherwise you are perceived as a threat and will be treated accordingly. Long gone are the days were a child, even at 12 years old, holding a toy gun will automatically be perceived as a toy only and therefore no threat. This has no regard to color of skin, just a fact of living today. That being said, do your children have toy guns, BB guns, or air rifles? And as such do you allow them to play with them on public grounds? I would hope as a responsible parent you would have said – no.

Seems some catastrophes with children could have been reverted with just a simple – no.


Celebratory Gunfire 2015

As we approach another New Year’s Eve, remember that celebratory gunfire is illegal, irresponsible, unsafe, and not needed. It is not a toy but a tool for defense. Let’s keep it that way.

To demonstrate go outside with a bunch of friends standing together and throw a reasonable size rock straight up into the air – who do you think the rock will hit on it’s way down?

Spread the word.


Big Boxes next to trash receptacles

Just a friendly reminder that those big boxes or packages should not just be left sitting beside the alley 300 gallon trash receptacles or left sitting next to your 75 gallon individual family receptacles, please break them down appropriately and if possible place inside the trash receptacle. Additionally they are not to be used as additional trash holdings next to the receptacles.

Ideally since these boxes are cardboard, why not break them down and include them in your bi-weekly recyclables.

Finally leaving these big boxes or packages that identify expensive items received or given for Christmas, makes our community homes a potential target for burglary regardless if the item was from your home or not. Please be responsible.


Kill Your Local Heroin Dealer!

Kill Your Local Heroin Dealer!

Well if only we could! But seriously, you can make a change. Observe, document, report, followup. Be safe and keep on it! Just one heroin house on your street will increase the crime element in your community 3-fold. Let’s knock them out by networking, engaging and not giving up! #TakeBackYOURCommunity.


Deputy in Pike County that shot his neighbor while drinking

Figured it needs to be said…regarding Deputy in Pike County that shot his neighbor while drinking… just goes to show that even a person trained with gun handling, licensed to carry, and trained with gun safety and procedure, and an upstanding citizen of the community can still make a stupid mistake based on drinking or emotions. This gun regulation issue will not go away quickly; point is that even tougher regulations, stricter application licenses, etc will not stop bad decisions, stupidity, anger, emotion, or mental competency.


Gratitude thought of the day. What are you grateful for? – FaceBook Posts 2015

11/26/15, today I am thankful that I have a roof over my head, food in my belly. – posted 11/27/15

11/27/15, today I am thankful for friends and family that believe in me and have faith in me that I will succeed thru current obstacles before me.


11/28/15, today I am thankful for that even though I could barely get down the stairs this morning after dancing the night before, at least I still have the grooves and the look. #‎DailyThankful

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11/29/15, today I am thankful that my folks who have been married for 55 years travel the world and enjoy their retirement years and have the health and means to do so. #‎DailyThankful


11/30/15, today I am thankful for good health. #‎DailyThankful


12/01/15, today I am thankful for opportunities coming my way and that I am not afraid of them as I have some control as to how I sail the ship into the future. #‎DailyThankful


12/02/15, Today I am thankful for that even when I start feeling down about opportunities that weren’t successful, another opportunity opens up. #‎DailyThankful


12/03/15, today I am thankful for good people and friends in my life. #‎DailyThankful


12/04/15, today I am thankful for always being optimistic, a trait I always seem to have even when things appear to be down. #‎DailyThankful


12/05/15/, today I am thankful for being told frequently that I have a great personality and have a genuine caring for people.  #‎DailyThankful


12/06/15/, today I am thankful for being able to take a day and be off the grid, sleep, lounge, nap, and watch TV. #‎DailyThankful


12/07/15, today I am thankful for hearing of people that used to be in my life and no longer, that have found someone to help them overcome their demons and to share in their life and that this partner has the ability to do so. A comfort to know that there is indeed “the one” for all of us. #‎DailyThankful


12/08/15, today I was thankful for being very productive in seeking other opportunities and optimistic that an opportunity will arise. #‎DailyThankful


Yesterday, 12/09/15, I was thankful for several opportunities that came my way of first steps. Now to move onto the second steps. #‎DailyThankful


Yesterday, 12/10/15, I was thankful for enjoying the comforts of my own home, functional, warming, all-modern conveniences, and soothing. #‎DailyThankful
[Update 12/12/15: For my distant friends and family, this picture was actually taken on 01/28/09. I actually will be mowing the lawn on Saturday, 12/12/15. I guess I should be thankful for warm weather and not the cold weather as imaged here!]


Yesterday, 12/11/15, I was thankful for people in my life being able to show me things aren’t as bad as what they seem and that my obstacles are no more, no less than others. #‎DailyThankful


12/12/15, today I was thankful for being able to get caught up on some yard work. The sidewalk not being edged was really bothering me and this great weather allowed me to trim up the yard so that I can mow it one final time tomorrow. #‎DailyThankful


Yesterday, 12/13/15, I was thinking how glad I am that my automobile was paid off June 2010. #‎DailyThankful


Yesterday, 12/14/15, I was thankful for being able to entertain long standing friends over pizza, dessert, and a movie. It really doesn’t cost money to hang nor does it take more than one close friend to do it with. #‎DailyThankful


Tuesday, 12/15/15, I was thankful for just the small creature comfort things of life. #‎DailyThankful
Didn’t post until 12/19/15


Wednesday, 12/16/15, I was grateful that I had the money for food on my table to shop at two of my favorite places, Whole Foods and Meijer. #‎DailyThankful


Thursday, 12/17/15, I was thankful for input “in” is producing output “out”. #‎DailyThankful


Yesterday, 12/18/15, I was thankful for opportunities that may finalize by end of next week. #‎DailyThankful


Yesterday, 12/19/15, I was thankful that I was able to talk to my folks who debarked from their cruise and starting their journey home. #‎DailyThankful


Today, 12/20/15, I am thankful that my folks made it home safely from their almost month long cruise trip to South America-Amazon by way of the Caribbean and eastern coasts of South America. #‎DailyThankful


Yesterday, 12/21/15, I was grateful for a signed & sealed opportunity that presented itself. #‎DailyThankful


On, 12/22/15, I was thankful for a special person that was in my life for a bit, returning for a visit. #‎DailyThankful
12/26/15 Posted. Excluded Tyler’s mom from the post, Kimberly Theaker McAninch as well as Dad, Veronika Peterson, Mary Thornburgh, and Ken Peterson


Yesterday, 12/23/15, I was thankful for hanging with a long-time friend and then having dinner with newer friends. After all the greatest gift is not the material things but rather the bounds we make with our fellow man. #‎DailyThankful


Today, 12/24/15, I am thankful for tire warranties! Oh the joys of urban city alley driving to get to my garage. Checking to see if I have a puncture in my rear tire. Appears to be slow leak. Thankful that I have warranties on all four. Time flies didn’t realize I got these in 2013 and technically need two new ones for the front. Great place to get your tires but not today for that! #‎DailyThankful


Yesterday, 12/25/15, I was thankful for sharing a wonderful dinner with friends. Great food, dessert, and conversation. #‎DailyThankful


Two days ago, 12/26/15, I was thankful for a small opportunity. #‎DailyThankful


Yesterday, 12/27/15, I was thankful to just be able to hang around home and watch Netflix all day. #‎DailyThankful


Today, 12/28/15, I am thankful for being able to put my best foot forward. #‎DailyThankful

Four days ago, 12/29/15, I was thankful for yet another successful interview.


Four days ago, 12/30/15, I was thankful to hang with “good people”. #‎DailyThankful
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Three days ago, 12/31/15, I am thankful for closing the year with a traditional (well Americanized) Chinese Dinner with friends that have supported and influenced my life’s trail this year. #‎DailyThankful
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