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More Duck

More Duck
The network A&E, and the Robertson family announced Friday that Phil will still be part of the series.

A&E Welcomes Phil Robertson Back to ‘Duck Dynasty’
2:07 PM PST 12/27/2013 by Michael O’Connell

TV and media is a reflection of what our society is – all walks, shapes, and forms. We should all remember this and be proud that we live in a free society where shows like this can exist. It is about choice, if you don’t like it you don’t watch it. If more people make the choice not to watch it then it will be taken off the air. I’m proud that I live in a country where these choices exist.

How to Get a Constant Flow of Referrals

How to Get a Constant Flow of Referrals
By Jessica Swanson
Customer referrals are one of the most powerful selling and marketing tools available.
In fact, most small business owners believe that thebest source of new business is a referral from a satisfied customer.
According to Forrester Research, 71 percent of online shoppers read reviews before buying. Other studies show that customers say that referrals are of the utmost importance in determining whom they buy from and what they buy.
Here are 13 Steps for Creating Your Own Referral System:
1. Set Your Referral Goals
Determine how many referrals you would like to obtain each month. This gives you something to shoot for and makes you more aware of your level of referral-acquiring activity. To determine how many, base your number on the amount of new clients you’d like to bring on board each month.
2. Ask and You Shall Receive
If you have provided a great service or product, most people are happy to refer you to their network. The problem isn’t that they don’t like you, it’s simply that they have other things on their mind.
Go ahead and ask your happy clients and customers for referrals.
3. Work with Complimentary Small Businesses
Find complimentary service providers and exchange referrals. Be sure you only include providers in this network that you’d be comfortable recommending to your best client or best friend.
4. Refer Others
Generate a list of people who you can refer your clients and customers to on a regular basis.
5. Educate Your Clients
Make sure your current clients know about the services you offerso they can either refer within their company or to others they know. Too often providers assume their clients know more about them than they do.
6. Ask at the Right Time
Ask for a referral as soon as you have complete your service or your customer has purchased your product. It’s always best to ask when your product or service is fresh in your customer’s mind.
7. Say Thank You
This could be with a simple phone call, email, or a handwritten note. The important point is to express your appreciation. You’ll also encourage additional referrals this way.
It also makes good business sense to give your clients an incentive for providing you with a referral. Maybe offer them a gift card for each referral they provide you with.
If they can’t personally accept gifts, offer to make a donation to their favorite charity. Or, you might want to offer them a discount off their next product or service purchase.
8. Acknowledge New Referrals
Put a system in place to acknowledge every referral you get from a client and keep them posted on your progress with their referral.
9. Give People Tools
Provide valuable content your referral sources can share with their network: a downloadable ebook, an invitation to a lunch seminar or a webinar on an industry topic. Make it something special for them to share with their own network.
10. Find Referral Alternatives
Sometimes your customers or clients would rather supply you with a testimonial or case study instead of a referral. That’s great!
11. Offer an Affiliate Program
Consider offering a financial benefit when others refer business to you. You can decide how much percentage of each sale you are willing to give up in exchange for a referral.
12. Offer a Guarantee
When you guarantee your products and/or services this helps inspire confidence when others refer you.
13. Believe in Your Products or Services
Always remember, you’re not begging; you’re offering to help others be successful.
How you feel about asking for referrals often dictates how successful you’ll be. You have to be confident in the services you provide — that’s a given.
You must view asking someone for a referral not as an inconvenience to them, but as an opportunity for them to help a friend benefit from your services through greater conversion rates and bigger profits.
There you have it! Thirteen simple ways to begin generating a flow of new business.
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Oracle and data collection

Newscast on CBS with Oracle’s Ellison who basically states that we shouldn’t be so alarmed of the Government collecting information on us because American Express, Credit Cards and Banks have been doing it for years.

There is a reason why we have databases and collect information. There is a reason why there are free services such as Facebook and Google, it is to collect information on us to sell to marketing companies.

I hate to say it but I collect information as well for my Agency’s marketing initiatives as well as for the company I work for. Contact information is gold and it is the way companies work especially in the 21st century.


Target REDcard

I’ve always liked Target to shop. I like their products and like their business model.

Dear REDcard holder,
Thank you for your patience with Target as we work through the breach of certain credit and debit card information at U.S. Target stores between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15, 2013. Due to high volumes to our call centers, we want to make sure that you have some key information.
We want you to know a few important things:

  • You do not need to call us unless you found charges on your account that you didn’t make.
  • You will not be held liable for any fraudulent charges.
  • We have made changes to our REDcard fraud detection and authorization procedures to further protect you.
  • We are offering free credit monitoring for one year to every single person who was impacted by this crime. We will give you more information about that soon.

If you have concerns and would like to check your account online, visit

For additional questions, check Frequently Answered Questions on Target’s corporate website.
We hope these resources help with your immediate needs. If you still feel you need to speak with someone by phone, you may call 866-852-8680.
Thank you for your continued support of Target.
Scott Kennedy, President, Financial Retail Services, Target

Duck Quack

If you ask an opinion as in an interview for a magazine, already anticipating the answer and then promoting that answer to defame that interviewee just to promote your magazine’s agenda – wouldn’t that in itself pose and ethical statement? Wouldn’t that ethical statement be on the same controversy level of the moral statement of the interviewee? – Just something else to quack about.