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Columbus 311 call ignored

Always, always document your calls to Columbus 311. It is sad that this had to go to the media but Columbus 311 as our public servants has to be held accountable. If the Columbus City department needs more personnel then please Mayor Coleman get off your butt and hire more code officers! I’ve offered myself to take on the role with this department.
Now next, what about more police officers for the Hilltop?

$15 minimum wage

Instead of raising the minimum wage, require all companies regardless of size to provide an extensive benefits package to their employees which not only includes health care but also self betterment such as education. Raising min wage to $15 is not a sustainable option and will not better the lives of workers. Focus on the healthcare and education benefits to be required by all employers. At the end of the day it’s one’s choice for seeking better employment. Let’s provide the tools on that basis and allow people to make choices for better employment instead of trying to overcompensate for a job that will not be any better regardless of wage.

10 Simple Ways White People Can Step Up to Fight Everyday Racism

10 Simple Ways White People Can Step Up to Fight Everyday Racism
By Derrick Clifton  September 4, 2014
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We all belong to some group or another. With that comes the prejudice, stereotypes and history associated with that group from others whether it be physical characteristics culture, or traits. We can continue to group people together (which tends to be our society and culture), or we can just look at that person as a person first, one-on-one instead of this group-on-group mentality that always seems to prevail in the media and continues to unstir the melting pot which supposedly is supposed to be the pride of our country.

Pizza Pull-Apart Bread

Pull-apart bread which is perfect for parties, this one is made with pepperoni slices but you can add anything you want to it. There are different variations for Pizza Pull-Apart Bread.

*2 (14 oz.) cans of Pillsbury pizza dough (you can use Grand biscuits)
*2 cups shredded Mozzarella cheese
*1/2 tbsp. basil leaves
*1/2 tsp. dried oregano
*1/2 tsp. fresh minced garlic
*1/3 cup olive oil
*1 (8 oz.) package of pepperoni (cut into quarters)
*1 cup Parmesan cheese

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray Bundt pan well.

Cut pizza dough or biscuits into quarters.

Add all the ingredients in a bowl & toss so that the oil is spread evenly on each piece of dough

Bake in oven for 30 minutes (or until the top is & and center is cooked) If the middle is still not cooked thoroughly, leave it in oven for another 5 minutes at a time until it’s done. Remove from oven & let rest for 5 minutes.

Flip over on to a plate & serve with marinara/pizza sauce for dipping.


Counting bills in front of house

Just confronted a pretty young girl with a bunch of amateur tattoos on her body in a smaller model beat up blue car. I had been watching her count a big stack of 20’s from my living room window. I greeted her and asked how she was doing. She said she was waiting for a friend but she could move the car if she wanted me to. I advised that I was just concerned as I had been watching her count a big stack of money in her car and was concerned for her well-being doing such as well as the suspicious behavior of the activity. She said that she was waiting for her friend and that they were going to the Casino and that is why she had such money on her. I identified again that I wasn’t familiar with her or the vehicle or seen her around her before, hence my reason for approaching her. She said again she could move. I just smiled and walked to the street to pick up a piece of trash. By the time I got to my first set of steps she was gone.

Be watchful. You don’t necessarily have to be confronting but you can observe and call the police if need be.

I always count my big wad of 20’s on a public street with the window partially rolled down just before going to the Casino!

09/03/14/5:30 PM/So was just getting ready for lawn mowing and behold I find a credit debit card in the same spot where this girl was parked.  Definitely a steal situation now.  Called the Bank to report finding the card.  They were appreciative of the call.

Area around Columbus casino shows signs of revival

Area around Columbus casino shows signs of revival
Signs of revival adding up around casino on West Side; businesses open or renovate, and infrastructure improves
By Steve Wartenberg
The Columbus Dispatch  •  Sunday August 31, 2014 11:23 AM

There have been tremendous changes around the Hollywood Casino. I give much credit to Chris Haydocy for taking a strong initiative and leadership to make this a better corridor. But are we just seeing cosmetic changes? Are we going to see a return of the big anchor stores that moved away several years ago to Grove City or Hilliard?

In order to bring in the young professionals are we going to see the same attractions that Clintonville and the Short North have to offer? How about upscale grocery stores that sell fresh items instead of the frozen “FAMILY SIZE” aisles that we are so accustomed to seeing here? How about fresh restaurants with outside seating instead of the re-evolving new building fast food mecca that is re-appearing on the corridor?

How about the housing stock just east of this corridor that is still suffering from absentee LLC’s and landlords buying up houses left and right for “investment” purposes just to sit and further decay between struggling owner occupied property owners?

Although I am happy with the cosmetic changes that are occurring, I struggle with the mention of the far Westsiders looking up to Clintonville and the Short North for comparison of attractions. Until we get some of the many and vast attractions that these two mentioned communities have not to mention the many businesses that have left the Westside to move to Grove City and Hilliard, I will continue to drive down the nicely remodeled tree lined corridor to the 270 interchange to get me to the communities that support my shopping needs currently not existent here on the Westside-Hilltop.

More Than 60 Charged In Columbus Prostitution Round-Up

More Than 60 Charged In Columbus Prostitution Round-Up
Posted: Aug 28, 2014 2:24 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 29, 2014 5:59 PM EDT
By: Denise Yost, Multimedia Content Manager – email

This level of street prostitution is always tied to the drug house around the corner. Focus on the drug problem and the rest will follow. Smart people know where to get quality “safe” prostitutes and it’s definitely not on the street where these diseased skanks are tricking for their next fix. Drugs for sex is the cultural problem, not the prostitution in itself.