Counting bills in front of house

Just confronted a pretty young girl with a bunch of amateur tattoos on her body in a smaller model beat up blue car. I had been watching her count a big stack of 20’s from my living room window. I greeted her and asked how she was doing. She said she was waiting for a friend but she could move the car if she wanted me to. I advised that I was just concerned as I had been watching her count a big stack of money in her car and was concerned for her well-being doing such as well as the suspicious behavior of the activity. She said that she was waiting for her friend and that they were going to the Casino and that is why she had such money on her. I identified again that I wasn’t familiar with her or the vehicle or seen her around her before, hence my reason for approaching her. She said again she could move. I just smiled and walked to the street to pick up a piece of trash. By the time I got to my first set of steps she was gone.

Be watchful. You don’t necessarily have to be confronting but you can observe and call the police if need be.

I always count my big wad of 20’s on a public street with the window partially rolled down just before going to the Casino!

09/03/14/5:30 PM/So was just getting ready for lawn mowing and behold I find a credit debit card in the same spot where this girl was parked.  Definitely a steal situation now.  Called the Bank to report finding the card.  They were appreciative of the call.

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