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Ohio city considers three strike policy on responding to overdoses

Ohio city considers three strike policy on responding to overdoses

Middletown is considering whether people with addiction should only be given two strikes before they’re out of chances at Narcan.

Most defiintely! Taking from a friend’s post – “Addicts get free Narcan but people can’t afford Epipens WITH insurance. People choose drugs…they don’t choose to get stung by a bee or have an allergic reaction to food!”

People choose drugs…they become addicts and get caught up in the next fix but they do make choices as to how they do and prepare for that. Narcan is given out for free so if you are a drug addict then by gosh make it a part of your “drug kit”. At least that is what my rational drug free mind would think but then again stupid is what stupid does!


2004 Pontiac Grand Prix – New Battery – 06/25/17

2004 Pontiac Grand Prix – Putting in New Battery – 06/25/17
So no the battery doesn’t just slip-in-and out like a fine tuned whore without first loosening the stabilizer bar screws and taking one out to slide the stabilizer bar over and then taking off the fusebox compartment box and then totally removing the battery hold down clamp to finally get the battery out. I definitely went up 22 points on the butchness scale (2 points for actually stating the parts correctly)!


Celebrating Pride is more than just celebrating with one’s own “kind”

Proud to live in my neighborhood and be who I am. Now it wasn’t this way when I first bought my house and moved on the block in 2005. I was called many a name, threatened but I made claim that I now lived here and I was now a part of the hood. I made a great home, awesome yard and lawn, always out doing something in the yard and garden. Cleaned my sidewalks, swept my curb and smiled and chatted with the watching neighbors. I got rid of the neighborhood drug house who ruled the street before I moved in and started a block watch. I stayed and a couple others of my “kind” moved in as well. They also made a great home, tended to their homes, yards and gardens and live their lives just like everyone else on the street.

Today, I see nice lawns, gardens, neighbors chatting, neighbors sitting on their front porches (something not really observed before) and overall a friendly quiet street. I chat with my neighbors daily about the weather, life, the street, families, etc. My point here is that I am proud of who I am but most importantly I’m proud that people see me as a strong neighborly person in the neighborhood who by the way happens to be gay.


Amazon buys Whole Foods

Quite an interesting move and game changer especially with the new trend of grocers store picking customer groceries and having them ready for curb side pickup or home delivery.

With everything and anything being ordered online with fast two-day delivery, myself being very guilty of this; I still prefer to do my own grocery shopping and buying my clothes at a grocery and retailer where I can see and touch both. There still is that thrill of the hunt in finding something on clearance or sale!



Pride Flag

Seems adding two colors to represent a specific group changes the universal theme of the rainbow flag of being inclusive to all regardless of anything. Additionally the flag represents states of mind not groupings of people.

Red = Life
Orange = Healing
Yellow = Sunlight
Green = Nature
Indigo = Serenity
Violet = Spirit

Regardless, the LGBT movement has seen many a symbol during the years and I’m sure will see many more iterations.

Myself, I’ve always related to the rainbow flag the best as it is seen in nature, everyday life, makes millions of colors and by those virtues instills that being gay is a normal product of life.

Nonetheless, Be Proud of who you are and if that means creating a symbol of that, then by all means do so.


Stanley E Thornburgh – Dad

So proud of my Dad and his many career accomplishments from serving his country, to helping veterans while working for the State of South Carolina, to the many veterans volunteer organizations he’s commanded or worked upon retirement. A week early for Father’s Day but I honor my Dad everyday!