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iPhone 6S

So my aging eyes, the new iOS9 upgrade making my iPhone5 sluggish, I went online to Apple and reserved a new Iphone 6S 128 GB and had an appointment to pick it up at yesterday. Drove there excitedly, saw the long line and thought nah not my line as I have a reservation! Well wrong there! The line was for people that had reserved appointments as well. Needless to say, 2 hour wait to get the iPhone. Not one of my more proud moments but I was there, wanted to get it done as I need to be able to use my phone at work for notes and reminders for the store throughout the day so I waited. I made the representative send a note of complaint that I didn’t appreciate making an appointment and then still having to wait in line. I stated that it should have been made clear on the website. I stated that my time is valuable and that is why I made an appointment. He said the appointment just reserves the phone. Jeez.

So while waiting in line, I chatted up some folk, one lady couldn’t wait and had to leave. One Apple rep came out and asked us our appointment times, which turns out was mixed with people with appointment times in 30 minutes increments after my appointment time. I commented to the lady if she was going to separate us into grass fed or grain fed beef. She looked shocked and confused. I said well you have us behind these crowd barriers herding us like cattle.

So I finally get inside the store and still had to wait another 15 minutes. I commented to others around me that this is where they have us wait around the merchandise enticing us for other items!

I looked and compared again between the iPhone6S and the iPhoneSPlus and decided was happy for just the iPhone6S as I can’t really hold the Plus in my hand well anyway and I already have an iPad. The only difference between the two phones is the bigger battery and the camera stabilization feature (optical instead of digital) in the camera of the later. I’m already happy with the excellent pictures the iPhone takes anyway so cool with that and for the battery that is a fallacy anyway stating that you can get one day battery life on the iPhone6S is a joke as no smartphone gives you that if you use the CPU processing on the device like I do – like a computer.

Finally up, get my phone. Realize I have to pay the tax of $65 because of Ohio law paying tax up front for the AT&T Zero Percent financing plan and of course the Tech21 case so that wiped out the cash in my pocket. THEN, I realize that I didn’t have my driver’s license must have fallen out on the seat of my car. So luckily they let me go back to my car to get that and didn’t have to wait in line again. So transaction complete aside from the fact that the second Apple guy didn’t know what he was doing.

Came home exhausted but excited for a new phone that I really didn’t have money for. LOL. Of course flawless install and restore backup from my old phone. Only thing not working right was the visual voicemail feature which I use extensively (apparently the new iOS9 install since it was a complete re-engineered software didn’t carry over that function automatically) but a passport reset on the voicemail feature of AT&T took care of that.

I’m sure you all tired reading this just as I was tired after my adventure yesterday. LOL.

In closing, anyone want to buy and excellent condition no scratches iPhone5 32 GB, with Tech21, case, battery pack case, car mount case?


Protecting our Earth

Random thought of the day: So you spend your entire life advocating, practicing, and preaching the virtues of being ecology minded, to recycle, to protect the environment, to purchase eco-friendly products, just to watch our following younger generations not caring at all. Trash, waste, disposable is the norm for our convenience society of today. If you young-ins are going to be the successors of our planet and you don’t even care now, why should I? It’s not like I’m going to be around to enjoy it.


Kim Davis hurts when people say God doesn’t love her.

Kim Davis states that what hurts most is when people say God doesn’t love her but in the same discussion when asked of one gay couple who finally received their marriage license, that they now felt human. She states that dignity is not guaranteed in the constitution that it is something that you find within yourself. Seems both statements are relative to what you think of yourself and not what people think of you. Why should she care what other people think or state that God doesn’t love her, just like why should she care whether a couple upon receiving a marriage license feel that they are now human and have dignity. Hmmmm…….Weird connect and disconnect here. One’s beliefs are between themselves and their God. Dignity, the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect, has been afforded protection in our Constitution several times. Yes dignity is internal but inequality is not.


Hierarchy of Needs

This pyramid of life or hierarchy of needs is a common concept when attempting to better one’s community. Not everyone is on the same level of the pyramid and thusly you will not get much community-helping-sharing within that community when most are still on the foundation of the pyramid, i.e.: food, water, & shelter. Those whose foundation has already been built need to realize this when attempting to better the community they reside in. Additionally, one’s foundation is not always built solid and can crack or crumble at anytime, thusly falling your upper point on the pyramid that you may have been at before.


Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs answers the media questions about body cameras for our officers.

Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs answers the media questions about body cameras for our officers.
FaceBook: Columbus Division of Police

If those body cameras come with extra feet as in more police presence and coverage for the Westside-Hilltop Columbus, then I’m all aboard. Until then this concern of being transparent is feather cover! Want transparency, start documenting incoming calls and the turnaround time of response time, the stats of calls that go unanswered because it was deemed unimportant based on other calls that came in at the same time. Also let’s bring in a formula to these stats to support the number of people that now do not even bother to call the police because of: “they don’t do anything anyway”, “they don’t respond anyway”, or told that they are too busy to send someone out. Let’s compare these new stats with the Columbus Division of Police forces metrics that state police officers numbers are placed-increased-decreased by precinct based upon a preset number of crime stats, population, or just plain power of advocacy for the community that the precinct is responsible. Let’s be honest and transparent about that. Body cameras have no value of crime deterrence with me until I can see more police presence and coverage of police officers in my area of the Westside-Hilltop area of Columbus. Then let’s tag these additional police officers with cameras. And I hope the media had the guts to speak up about this as they know of this issue.
[Update: 09/10/15] This will be an extremely costly venture especially with the data housing and data retention. Remember the City brought up data issue retention and server issues in sharing the public cameras data feeds with the community. The camera may be cheap but the data capture, retention, housing, personnel involved to monitor, and lastly the 24/7 server.

Do I favor the cameras – yes but not at a cost of having more police officers on the street.

Do I think this is a community relations/political ploy – yes

Do I think as a result of a community relations/political ploy that this has not been thoroughly thought out – yes

This is a haphazard not thought out ploy to save face and our Columbus City Council should be ashamed of themselves. Convince me that we will have the camera support as discussed above in our operating budget for a minimum of 5 years.

“Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law.”

“Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law.”
-Thomas Jefferson, letter to Dr. Thomas Cooper, February 10, 1814

You as a human being, status holder, title, religious title, self proclaimed born again whatever, have no right to condemn me for my pursuit of happiness as afforded to me under the constitution of the United States of America based on YOUR religious beliefs. You have no right to judge me as that is between me and My God. My rights are protected as well as the fundamental understanding of separation of church and state. If you can’t do the job as an elected official to SERVE your community, then YOU should have respect enough for the people who have elected you to STEP down from your position based on your religious convictions or at least work with your superiors on a way to still serve the people based on the role of your position and upholding the law. I get and respect YOUR religious beliefs with YOUR God, but your battles with your religion and YOUR God are between you and YOUR God and should be of no interest or consequence to me. – SET II 09/09/15

Arizona judge rules all dogs and cats sold in pet stores must come from shelters

Would have been better to just require a license with required facility monitoring by the government or 2rd party agency for all dog breeders especially the amatuar breeders. Additionally require papers on all dogs sold period not just pedigrees. Most dogs are already damaged from the puppy mills/breeders before they even hit the animal shelters or pet stores. Control at the source.

Arizona judge rules all dogs and cats sold in pet stores must come from shelters

Read more: Arizona judge rules all dogs and cats sold in pet stores must come from shelters
by Katie Medlock, 08/31/15

A federal judge in Phoenix, Arizona just ruled that all dogs and cats sold in pet stores must come from animal shelters or non-profit organizations. The ruling upholds an ordinance passed in 2013 that was challenged by a store called Puppies N’Love, which claimed it violates constitutionally-granted interstate commerce laws. Those in favor of doing away with puppy mills and encouraging pet owners to adopt or rescue companions see the decision as a great step forward.

Read more: Arizona judge rules all dogs and cats sold in pet stores must come from shelters | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

Slumlords need to be exposed – The Columbus Dispatch – Saturday January 14, 2012 3:10 AM

Slumlords need to be exposed – The Columbus Dispatch
Home Opinion Letter to the Editor
DAVID A. YOUNG, Worthington
Saturday January 14, 2012 3:10 AM

Recent coverage of abandoned, derelict, uninhabitable houses and apartments brings to light the extent of the problem in our communities caused by slumlords and greedy property owners. Average- or low-income residents, college students and others are victimized by the sleazy maintenance, safety and health hazards present in the properties they rent or lease. Property owners and neighbors are victimized by the derelict houses in their neighborhoods. Taxpayers are affected by the lowered property-tax rates and increased cost of police and fire protection.
This was brought home to me by the experience I had while assisting a good friend to establish his home-repair and maintenance business. My friend was contacted by a man who offered a considerable amount of work at a good hourly rate to paint, lay tile and do minor repairs in a number of properties owned by him and his wife in various communities around metropolitan Columbus.
The property owner took my friend to see the properties he wanted “repaired,” emphasizing that he wanted them to “just look nice,” applying paint to touch up, caulk to patch, windows repaired and other minor tasks for rentals primarily to students and other young adults. Accompanying my friend and the property owner on the tour of properties to be repaired, I was appalled at the condition of the apartments and houses. Leaking and damaged roofs, broken and boarded-up windows, mold, unsafe wiring, bad plumbing, trash, water mildew, accumulated trash in yards and falling-down garages.
The owner made it clear he wanted to do it “on the cheap” — just make it look good, dress it up so he could quickly rent them. Building codes and inspections were to be ignored; safety and healthy living conditions were of no concern. Just make them look nice. When we tried to suggest things that needed to be done, he became angry, telling us he knew more than we did and saying that if we continued to criticize his maintenance, there would be no working relationship. This man was a greedy slumlord.
From reading the newspaper for the past week, it is obvious that there are many greedy slumlords in our area, but they live in Upper Arlington, Bexley, Dublin, Worthington and other upscale communities that enforce building and zoning regulations and standards. But the slumlords actively contribute to the deterioration of other Columbus communities such as Clintonville, the university area, Grandview Heights, Franklinton and the Hilltop. Many of us have slumlords among us, living in our neighborhoods, pretending to be good citizens, belonging to clubs, playing golf and attending church, while participating in the deterioration of properties and jeopardizing the safety of residents in Columbus and other neighborhoods.
The slumlords need to be exposed, be held to health and safety, zoning and other regulations enacted for the betterment of our neighborhoods and be prosecuted for thumbing their noses at the laws and regulations intended to protect us. Where are the inspectors? Where are the courts? Where is our sense of decency, respect for our fellow citizens and preservation of neighborhoods? Expose them, post their names on websites and hold them accountable for their shameful business.