iPhone 6S

So my aging eyes, the new iOS9 upgrade making my iPhone5 sluggish, I went online to Apple and reserved a new Iphone 6S 128 GB and had an appointment to pick it up at yesterday. Drove there excitedly, saw the long line and thought nah not my line as I have a reservation! Well wrong there! The line was for people that had reserved appointments as well. Needless to say, 2 hour wait to get the iPhone. Not one of my more proud moments but I was there, wanted to get it done as I need to be able to use my phone at work for notes and reminders for the store throughout the day so I waited. I made the representative send a note of complaint that I didn’t appreciate making an appointment and then still having to wait in line. I stated that it should have been made clear on the website. I stated that my time is valuable and that is why I made an appointment. He said the appointment just reserves the phone. Jeez.

So while waiting in line, I chatted up some folk, one lady couldn’t wait and had to leave. One Apple rep came out and asked us our appointment times, which turns out was mixed with people with appointment times in 30 minutes increments after my appointment time. I commented to the lady if she was going to separate us into grass fed or grain fed beef. She looked shocked and confused. I said well you have us behind these crowd barriers herding us like cattle.

So I finally get inside the store and still had to wait another 15 minutes. I commented to others around me that this is where they have us wait around the merchandise enticing us for other items!

I looked and compared again between the iPhone6S and the iPhoneSPlus and decided was happy for just the iPhone6S as I can’t really hold the Plus in my hand well anyway and I already have an iPad. The only difference between the two phones is the bigger battery and the camera stabilization feature (optical instead of digital) in the camera of the later. I’m already happy with the excellent pictures the iPhone takes anyway so cool with that and for the battery that is a fallacy anyway stating that you can get one day battery life on the iPhone6S is a joke as no smartphone gives you that if you use the CPU processing on the device like I do – like a computer.

Finally up, get my phone. Realize I have to pay the tax of $65 because of Ohio law paying tax up front for the AT&T Zero Percent financing plan and of course the Tech21 case so that wiped out the cash in my pocket. THEN, I realize that I didn’t have my driver’s license must have fallen out on the seat of my car. So luckily they let me go back to my car to get that and didn’t have to wait in line again. So transaction complete aside from the fact that the second Apple guy didn’t know what he was doing.

Came home exhausted but excited for a new phone that I really didn’t have money for. LOL. Of course flawless install and restore backup from my old phone. Only thing not working right was the visual voicemail feature which I use extensively (apparently the new iOS9 install since it was a complete re-engineered software didn’t carry over that function automatically) but a passport reset on the voicemail feature of AT&T took care of that.

I’m sure you all tired reading this just as I was tired after my adventure yesterday. LOL.

In closing, anyone want to buy and excellent condition no scratches iPhone5 32 GB, with Tech21, case, battery pack case, car mount case?


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