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4 Secrets of Preparing For A Job Interview

4 Secrets of Preparing For A Job Interview
By Dana Manciagli, Career Expert, Speaker and Consultant

Congratulations! You secured a phone or face-to-face interview. Your odds of “winning” the job in this highly competitive environment just skyrocketed. Now, don’t blow it.

There are books, blogs, videos and more on how to ace that interview, including my own book, “Cut the Crap, Get a Job!” Right now, however, I want to share my top four secrets from the hiring manager’s side of the table.

After interviewing thousands and hiring hundreds in big corporations and small startups, I want to help you come out on the top of the list after every interview. Ready?

1. Compare yourself to the job description (which was written by the hiring manager)

I recommend you do this work before you apply so you can write a fabulous cover letter, but let’s fast forward to the interview.

Take out a piece of paper (or open a Word document on your computer). Draw three columns in a table and add the following content in short bulleted points.

Column 1: Major requirements from the job description
Column 2: Your skills for that requirement
Column 3: Stories or examples of how you performed that task

Here’s why this preparation works:

Column 1: is the list of items that the interviewer needs to measure you against
Column 2: is your answer to, “Have you done this before?”
Column 3: is the answer to, “Tell me about a time when you” This is called a situational or behavioral interview question and it is becoming more common.

2. Prepare your answers to the most commonly asked interview questions

I still find it shocking to watch candidates stumble on questions like these: “What are your strengths?” or “Why do you want this job?”

Write down your short answers to the following before you go into an interview (an entire cheat sheet for these questions and many more are free with my book):

What are your greatest strengths?
What are your greatest weaknesses?
Tell me about yourself.
How do you handle stress and pressure?
Describe a difficult work situation and how you overcame it.
Why are you leaving your current job? (or, Why did you leave your past position?)
3. The interview law of 3s

For your preparation for Nos. 1 and 2 above AND for any other questions asked during the interview, use this major trick, which will help you and the interviewer.

The Law of 3s: For every question, you are allowed no more than three short, concise answers. Think and talk in bullet points. If the interviewer wants more information, he or she will ask you.

This rule will prevent you from babbling on and on, which we do when we are nervous. For the interviewer, you will come across more confident, self-aware and prepared.

4. Prepare great questions for them

The interviewer is not the only one who should have questions. You should have several carefully considered questions for him or her.

Again, congratulations on you securing a phone or face-to-face interview! Block several hours of time to prepare, follow the above tips, and you will do a great job.

Dana Manciagli is a career expert, speaker and career consultant. She has spent more than 30 years as a Fortune 500 sales and marketing executive, now retired after more than a decade at Microsoft. Dana is the author of the book, “Cut the Crap, Get a Job!” and a prolific blogger. She sits on the worldwide board of Junior Achievement and has her MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.





Yes! this is another property hoarder: Bob Spears! I’ve toured many streets to report code enforcement issues to find out that the property is under one of his holdings.

He’s been on our radar before. Oh, and he is a commission member of The Greater Hilltop Area Commission. Yes, the same commission that is responsible for zoning recommendations for the Greater Hilltop Area.

Shame, shame, shame!

These are his other property holdings:

010-021584         240 S HAGUE AV     240 S HAGUE AVE WICKLOW EXT
010-040028         125 HAGUE AV       125 S HAGUE AVE CAMP CHASE HTS
010-051469         249 N WARREN AV         SPEARS REAL ESTATE III         249 N WARREN HILL CREST
010-005205         343-345 S HAGUE AV       343-345 HAGUE AVE S CAMP CHASE HTS
010-011046         350-352 S HAGUE AV        350-352 S HAGUE AVE WICKLOW EXT
010-017024         70-72 S EUREKA AV        70-72 EUREKA AVE BELLAIRE
010-033684         100-102 N HARRIS AV       102-100 HARRIS AVE SUNNY SIDE
010-034658         210 S WAYNE AV         SPEARS REAL ESTATE LLC         210 S WAYNE AVE OAKLEY
010-042988         29 N ELDON AV         SPEARS REAL ESTATE LLC         29 ELDON AVE ELDON HTS
010-043896         200 N HAGUE AV        200 N HAGUE AVE HILLCREST
010-043970         243 N WARREN AV       243 N WARREN AVE HILL CREST
010-048156         63 WARREN AV         63 WARREN AVE WICKLOW 3RD
010-056179         69 N WARREN AV        69 N WARREN WICKLOW 3RD
010-058651         109 N HARRIS AV        109 N HARRIS AVE VAN SICKLE
010-015638         275 N HAGUE AV        275 N HAUGE AVE SPEES
010-068335         653-655 S BURGESS AV      653-5 S BURGESS AVE HEFFNER HTS
010-075848         2677 EAKIN RD       BROOKSHIRE PARK LOT 311



01/27/14/No improvements tot the property and actually the property has gotten worse. Why?


Why would this be considered acceptable behavior of one of our Commission Members of The Greater Hilltop Area Commission (GHAC) to manage and hold properties such as this in our community? How can the GHAC on good faith act on behalf of our community for zoning issues when one of the Commission Members is a violator of our code enforcement laws that we as a community struggle so hard to get enforced?!


Columbus City Schools System, Columbus, Ohio

Do you have a problem or concern with our Columbus City Schools System, Columbus, Ohio? Missing something in your school? Funding perhaps not reaching your particular school?

Send a message to all of the below!

Write up a short summary of the events that transpired and send it to:

Jason Smith
Board Relations and Government Affairs:

Carbon copy current school board members:

Gary L. Baker, II
Board President
Phone: 614-404-3024

Bryan O. Steward
Board Vice President
Phone: 614-365-5790

Michael Cole
Phone: 614-604-8871

W. Shawna Gibbs
Phone: 614-365-5790

Dominic Paretti
Phone: 614-735-5200

Ramona R. Reyes
Phone: 614-273-0884

Superintendent Dan Good’s Office:

Lisa Barton, Executive Secretary to the Superintendent:

Make your voice heard!!!


140-146 N Roys AV- Owner: CRAIG ALGER – 01/26/14


01/26/14/11:15 AM/Sunday/Went out to shovel my platform garage driveway and noticed a guy clearing out a garage. Turns out to be the owner, Craig Alger, of the property at 140-146 N Roys Ave. I went to him and introduced myself and asked him if he is going to remove these items he is setting out. He said that if it was in the summer he might but given the winter not so. I advised he needed to call Columbus 311, 645-3111 and schedule a bulk pickup. Advised him he can call on Monday. I don’t think he will. Once he left this is what I found in the 300 gallon trash receptacles.


Ironically the trash can right in front of the garage, RM3033452, he left empty.

This is unacceptable for a property owner to burden our community such as this, especially when he owns several properties and should have the resources to take care of his tenants trash. Additionally, he overfills by weight these trash cans on a Sunday and our next trash pickup is not until Wednesday. The set out items are not really too much of a concern given the many pickers we have in our area and as a matter of fact as of this writing, 01/27/14/Monday, the set out items are all gone! One trash can had layers of broken glass in it. The other had wood and such items. The trash cans are filled to overweight capacity.

Another example of a property owner, 5 parcels of properties in fact, that thinks he can use the city to manage his trash disposal needs when he should have hauled this off himself or paid someone to do so. The trash cans were filled to the top with trash and appears to be heavy items not just typical trash which will result in excessive weight for when they need to be picked up. Craig was driving a black car, I believe a Mazda. License plate number: BQ51NN

Contact info as listed on the Franklin County Auditor Site:
P.O. BOX 163977, COLUMBUS, OHIO, 43216-3977, 614) 578-7944
Last Updated         2009-01-06

These are the other properties he owns

010-132259         440 E BEECHWOLD BL         ALGER CRAIG         E BEECHWOLS BLVD ZOOLAND
010-052453         140-146 N ROYS AV ALGER CRAIG R         140 TO 146 N ROYS AV HILLTOP
010-068401         733-735 S WARREN AV ALGER CRAIG R         WARREN AVE WILSHIRE HTS