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Gearhearts Property Petition for no liquor license

I myself am not in favor of a drive-thru at this location as the layout will only cause traffic chaos. I’m not too concerned about liquor as it is accessible everywhere around the school and Buckeye Ranch that the petition’s author appears to highlight. The issue really is the traffic congestion that will be caused. The W. Broad St first block corridor has become and will continue to become business preferred real estate especially if a community wants to promote and bring business to the area; after all where are you going to put it otherwise?

Personally if one community is so concerned about liquor in their neighborhood then they should just petition for the entire area to be “dry”. I would like to see all of W. Broad become dry especially extending east of Hague. Personally living north of W. Broad St, I’m sure the business would be up and running with no concern whatsoever because that is how things are done between Hague and Wilson. As a side note I especially love how the signers won’t display their name. If you don’t want to have something then back it up with your name.

Well, what’s one more liquor carryout? Stating that this establishment is too close to the school or Buckeye ranch is no different than the gas station on the corner or the carryout on N. Hague and Steel or the Julian Foods carryout further west or the two gas stations on Sullivant and S. Hague Ave. Not to mention liquor access on just about every 3 blocks east of Hague Ave. The petition is flawed for this reason and will never carry. It should have been written to make the area dry.

I post the petition link here anyway to promote their cause but again just make the area “dry” already to stop all future concerns that the primary issue of this petition seems to focus on.

I post the petition link here anyway to promote their cause but again just make the area “dry” already to stop all future concerns that the primary issue of this petition seems to focus on.


Opiate Addiction License to do Crime

Opiate Addiction License to do Crime

Ok, call me insensitive but we’ve been dealing with this opiate addiction in whatever form for decades now. As a community we’ve demanded ways to remove drug dealing from our streets. We’ve asked for tools and followed thru with those tools to assist law enforcement in tackling this menacing problem. We’ve taken pictures, we’ve created logs, we’ve created online forums and community pages, and documented the trafficking by people and by vehicle. We’ve set up networks to advise neighbors near and nearer and we are still dealing with this problem. We diligently take time to do this so that our police can do their part just to have these criminals face our criminal system just to be put back in our communities doing business as usual.

So now we have made this big humane issue of these poor addicts that need all the help we can provide them so that they can overcome their addiction as defined as a disease. So now we are saying that since they have a disease it’s okay that they robbed 5 houses on the street so they can walk to the corner drug house to get their “next fix”. It’s ok that since they have a disease it’s ok that they killed two people in an automobile accident. Perhaps it’s finally been identified along the way somewhere that you can’t incarcerate an addict in hopes of “rehabilitating” them to not be an addict when they return to our neighborhoods.

In short I see leniency towards the drug dealers so that they can continue the cycle of selling to addicts; I see empathy and compassion towards the drug users that are not responsible for their actions and therefore should not be held accountable for their crimes. So now that we’ve established that no-one is to blame, perhaps we need to look towards our doctors and pharmaceutical industry for creating three generations of people addicted to opiates, pain pills, antacids, OTC pain, and everything from staying hard to keeping pimples off your ass.

Meanwhile our communities, the victims, continually absorb the ever increasing drug trade, drug users, crime, vandalism, decay, prostitution, stealing, and finally being the absolute victims of being stuck in all this because even though with all our efforts to make a better community, we’ve condemned ourselves to living in the continual squalor, the squalor intensified by the many used needles on our streets (of course provided for by our city), the freely available naloxone (of course provided for by our city), to assist our drug addict friends, and now discussions of non-criminal offenses for this disease.

I have a disease myself, I believe you’d all call it unempathetic or non-humane. Perhaps someone can help me and my community friends by finding ways to cure this disease. I think the treatment is realizing that we are victims too, we tend to be the ones fighting up front to get help in combating this drug epidemic and although we aren’t the ones reported dead in the media, shown strung out in the streets, or showing pictures of the drug addicts families trying to recover from the loss of an addict; we seem to be the ones that are pushed aside, neglected and although thanked for our dedicated endeavors in bringing a drug dealer to trial we are rewarded by seeing them back on our streets continuing where they left off and now we feel the progression of the disease by now being afraid to walk in our own neighborhoods because that drug dealer knows who we are and although the courts had mercy on them with lenient sentences, those dealers sure won’t have leniency on us!

So pish for posh, I really don’t want to hear about those “poor” addicts who cannot control their actions without equally hearing about how we can combat the drug selling and discussing how a community can protect itself from both the addicts and the dealers.


Some say myth of Hilltop

Was in a discussion thread yesterday and a prominent community person challenged by saying that “we keep maintaining the myth that the Hilltop is some sort of slum.” and that “we must limit ourselves to the actual truth.” We cannot continue to sugar coat issues that steadily occur on the Westside-Hilltop from entities that sit in ivory towers holding award ceremonies on accomplishments to our community and neighborhoods that perhaps would seem “mythical” to us. We cannot have members of our community continue to sit on prominent boards or lead in prominent entities when they themselves fester the problem with their own slumlord properties or properties that sit on prominent corridors of our Westside-Hilltop that have been decaying for decades with no improvements or plans to develop. Perhaps we can wonder why these people sit on such entities and ask businesses from outside of our community to develop here when they themselves have made no effort to make something viable of their properties?



Police did just cause by taking down a person with intent/success to harm others at OSU on 11/28/16

Radicalized, ISIS inspired, disgruntled, prejudiced against, it doesn’t matter and who cares. Police did just cause by taking down a person with intent/success to harm others.

We are no longer in a realm where we can sit down and psycho analyze whether a person who is demonstrating intent to harm others is going to follow thru or not.

The person is dead and I have no desire to listen to endless discussions as to the conditions that lead that person to do what he did. Do I sound cold and un-empathetic? Perhaps, all I know is that I stand behind the police officer’s actions as just and quick acting appropriate to the situation.

I watch daily in my own neighborhood gunshots being fired out of vehicles, gangs of men beating up and robbing women, drugs being sold, break-ins and vandalism. Our real issue is what is going on in our own neighborhoods. This person’s actions at OSU is no different than the actions I just mentioned as going on in our own neighborhoods. Both involve intent to harm others or property with no regard as to that harm.


Letterto the Editor: City is turning its back on Hilltop – Ruth Thurgood Mundy

In response to letter to the editor (see below):

I’ve said for three years now that the Hilltop is the no man’s land between 70W/W. Broad St and Wilson Rd. It’s even an embarrassment going west of Wilson Rd with the new sidewalks, lighting, and streets and the wonderful median strip that was beautifully filled with weeds this year. But let’s go further west on W. Broad St and see the wonderful developments going on in Lincoln Village. Their median strip was beautifully kept with sustainable plants that made a pleasure to go thru Lincoln Village. So why has the Hilltop failed and Franklinton and Lincoln Village have succeeded? Perhaps we are a lost cause. Perhaps we are the dumping ground of Section 8 vouchers from other areas of the city that had to move those populations out in order to revitalize. Perhaps we have land development banks that claim to be doing us good and patronize our community but really they are sectioning “poor” dollars to our neighborhoods in developments so that they can take the higher end dollars to better neighborhoods. Perhaps we are the new “project” place to be for homeless shelters, free medical facilities, and mental institutions after all that’s the people we have. Perhaps we are the famous place for out-of-state LLCs to buy up all our housing dirt cheap and then renting these properties unfixed, broken to people desperate for housing that will pay the high rent prices because they don’t qualify for other housing. And of course let’s thank and kiss the asses of our great Columbus City officials who walked our streets and talked the talk but still shy away from any tough stance on slumlords, tougher regulations from LLC’s buying up property, especially from out-of-state, and setting up slum housing right next to Hilltop residents who still give a damn but are damned for trying to get the city to do something. Let’s not even get into our new claim to fame of being the heroin place to be for the City of Columbus. Let’s continue to allow the city to dump clean needles and naloxone which we all get to view daily discarded in our alleys and sidewalks. Let’s continue to thank the City of Columbus for continually setting loose habitual drug sellers so that they continue to come back to our communities and continue our fame. Let’s continue to thank the city for turning a deaf ear on reported call-ins of known drug houses in our communities because resources can only be devoted to the “big gamers” while our small time drug dealers flourish on our streets and laugh and boldly sell in our streets because they know they are untouchable – they know the game. And finally let’s not begrudge the Hilltoppers that moved here and tried to do their best to make a better community but realize they are only one against many and are leaving in defeat because they only want a safe, clean, and sustainable, vibrant place to live.
Letter to the Editor: City is turning its back on Hilltop
Saturday November 26, 2016 5:00 AM

In his 2016 State of the City address, Mayor Andrew J. Ginther stated, “We know there are other neighborhoods that could benefit from more city investment.” He then outlined plans for the Hilltop and Linden neighborhoods (Dispatch article, Feb. 25). However, it seems Ginther has quickly abandoned the Hilltop.
Since Ginther took office, Linden has emerged as the ostensible favorite child, with promised inclusion in the Smart City transportation program, offices for the new Department of Neighborhoods, and tax incentives for a new Huntington headquarters (“Huntington investing in Northland, Linden,” Dispatch article, Wednesday).
On the Hilltop, it is more of the same neglect: The city approved a tax credit to a major employer, Big Lots, to move offices out of the area (“Big Lots gets city tax break,” Dispatch article, July 19), and COTA is actually cutting bus service on some lines after voters in November renewed a sales tax for the transit system. The current administration takes credit for Hague Avenue improvements and sidewalk and sewer improvements, but these long-overdue Hilltop improvements were already set to be made under the administration of Mayor Michael B. Coleman.
Watching the promised investment go to Ginther’s pet project and not balancing the investment between the two neighborhoods is yet another signal to the West Side that City Hall is leaving the Hilltop further and further behind. How disappointing.
Ruth Thurgood Mundy

School Board Proposes Issue 57: A Three-Part Ballot Issue

No!, No!, No! – Get your house in order first before asking for money! There is tremendous waste in our Columbus Public School System and we have a severe inefficiency on how citizens are taxed in order to fund our schools. Perhaps explore how to better secure funding! Myself I have no problem in assisting our public schools even though I do not have children but hell no should I have to contribute more of my tax dollars to support families having 4-6 kids. There should be a method to tax on families with children and not on property taxes. It’s not a fair distribution. Additionally I shouldn’t have to pay more taxes when housing developers come in and build 100 family units and not have to pay anything for the increased infrastructure to build these developments and then a tax levy to support a new school that now has to be built because of that new development. Tax that development or make the developer create a fund to pay for that inevitable new school. It’s only fair and sensible.

School Board Proposes Issue 57: A Three-Part Ballot Issue

Heroin Zombie Parade to Columbus City Council – 10/31/16

We could get a really cool zombie parade tomorrow in front of Columbus City Council if we just go out today or early tomorrow before the sun comes out and round up all the heroin junkies hanging in the alleys, bushes, vacant buildings, passed out in front of businesses or our school yards and parks. We could get tons of free needles provided by our outstanding city and can even get free Naloxone to keep these zombies stable while we put them in the tons of free grocery carts that clutter our alleys, parking lots, or recycling centers. We then just have to wheel them downtown just in time for council meeting. We’ll parade them around – all will be happy! Great community involvement round them up and leave them in the shopping carts in front of city hall. Yeah that’s the way. <Smiling smugly> Happy Halloween!