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Amy’s Donuts

So wanted to bring some special donuts for the work crew tonight so stopped in at Amy’s Donuts, 650 Georgesville Rd, Columbus, OH 43228, at 1:55 PM. Since I’ve never been here before but have had their delicious donuts, I was immediately overwhelmed by all the delicious flavors of donuts I saw in the display cases and my mouth started watering! The friendly clerks assisted me as I started asking questions on cost per dozen etc while moving from display case to display case drooling over all the creations until I spotted the first gnat in one case and said “oh well” then spotted another large gnat in another case and said “oh well concerned”, and then spotted the third and said “oh hell no!” – no donuts from here to feed my crew! I told the two clerks about the gnats and they just looked at me unconcerned and I wished them a Merry Christmas and left the scene.

Although so tempting were those pretty delicious donuts, 1 gnat, 2 gnats, or 3 were just a bit much. Hopefully just a random thing or perhaps flying gnats are acceptable landing on food but for me I barely tolerate that even at a picnic let alone in a store in the midst of winter. For now, for me, Amy’s Donuts are off my list.


Virtual Customer Service Only at a Brick and Mortar Financial Institution 

So I’m at the Western Credit Union – Pathways Credit Union, Georgesville Rd and there are no more tellers. Instead you have to go to an ATM style device with a phone, monitor, and tube chute. 3 of these devices and you have to wait in line to get to them. I commented to an assistant that this was poor customer service and her reply was that a lot of banks are going to this. I replied then why bother coming in and just go thru the drive-thru. So I wait in line after speaking with an assistant first as to how to do what I needed to do and that was to move money from my other Credit Union into this one. I fill out two slips give them my government issued ID and my membership card and submit via the tube and wait. Finally the video monitor pops on and a smiling teller asks if I submitted my stuff yet which I replied yes. She responds she needs to go get it. I wait, she comes back on to inform me that their systems are down and that I would need my debit card to my other Credit Union (which I never use or carry). I respond to just give everything back to me. Curious as to why the only physical person I spoke to in the flesh couldn’t have shared with me that their network systems were down? I guess she wanted me to enjoy this “prison” experience.