Bride-To-Be Struggles to Get Wedding Refund after Fiancee Dies

Bride-To-Be Struggles to Get Wedding Refund after Fiancee Dies
Columbus, Ohio
December 18, 2013, 11:17 PM EST
ABC 6 On Your Side

I can definitely feel for Cassie Kelsey’s loss of her fiancee Adam Schneider but reading this article the contract was fully non-refundable with the company. I’m sure the company has a reason for doing this practice especially with booking events in the future. By definition, “the indefinite time yet to come”, is exactly why this company has a non-refundable contract because one cannot predict the future. Cassie Kelsey herself was aware of the uncertainty of the life span of her fiancee. Should the company have to absorb the loss for this? I think not. Plus the event company did offer a partial refund with the remainder to go on deposit. So I ask this, why doesn’t Cassie take the initiative to find someone else within her network to take over that event time slot instead of asking the company to do so? Marketing and generating business costs money, hence the reason why the event company specifically has a non-refundable contract that they require their customers to sign.

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