Food Deficiencies in our Fruits and Vegetables

I recently was diagnosed with hypokalemia or severe potassium deficiency which came as a shock to me as I’ve never had that issue before. Could be my age or changes to my blood pressure medication or just stress perhaps from recently moving and not eating fresh over processed foods.

Sadly the symptoms of weakness and fatigue, muscle aches and stiffness, I just contributed to the recent move which occurred daily, evenings after work.

As I started researching more and attempting to understand why I would have this condition it occurred to me that even though I have been eating potassium rich foods in my diet, was I really getting the nutrients that are typically associated with those foods? Perhaps my normal consumption all these years has been sufficient but now eating those same potassium rich foods are no longer as nutritious. I had this discussion with my bud when I lived in Columbus, Ohio as he has been dealing with potassium deficiency for 15 years now. I’ve watched and been a part of the many issues associated with this condition. The “K’ counting and documenting and eating the daily requirement and it occurred to him that perhaps these foods are no longer as rich in potassium or other nutrients as they once were.

Since moving to South Carolina Midlands and seeing crops grown on farmland that is basically sand, how are these fruits and vegetables getting the nutrients they need? Man introduced! We are adding chemicals to these foods as the soil itself is not sufficient in nutrients to normally feed them. After decades of farming in our country our soil is basically just something to hold the plant’s roots in.

I guess for now I will have to just double my intake to compensate for these foods that just decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than the varieties most of us get today.


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