Guns, my rights, your rights, and what we all need to be doing.

A good read. I like to read varying viewpoints and although not quite on board as to what the writer has to say his point is spot on in that why would any citizen need an AR-15 but we will continue to have these “tools” or “toys” until we get our legislators to come up with a clear and concise definition of the “right to bear arms”. I disagree that the constitution is a malleable document, it is a document that takes a process, a process that starts with the people going to their state representatives and demanding that they make a change on this entire gun control issue. The process needs to be carried forward and either an amendment is presented to address what we all shall consider as a viable definition for today’s society. Until that time, passing gun control laws will only be an article coded on paper because the real issue is these guns will always be readily available in our American society and until we can all digest and truly try to figure out why we as Americans crave this desire, we will continue to have a free flow of guns available to people wanting to do kill people.



“Fuck you, I like guns.”
Posted on February 15, 2018
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