Free: American Dream?

Is our American dream still here? One that always taught that if you work hard, are honest, believed in being an American citizen without question or threat you would be rewarded with a comfortable living, a house, a car, and even time to enjoy your retirement years.

Or are we only free based on the second, third generations that have lived and evolved on public assistance, evolved so to the extent that it is considered America’s duly role that all comforts shall be provided for free what generations before us worked so hard for.

Do we live in an illusion that we are free in our pursuit of happiness or is our freedom solely based on what our government can provide to us for free, without work, without education, a sense of entitlement that all shall have housing, food, cable TV, cellphone, and demanding thereof as their right?

Sounds like socialism to me, socialism breeds complacency, complacency breeds status quo, status quo breeds to do no more than absolutely necessary to maintain that sense of entitlement.

The next time you are out and about, focus on what you see around you…. what do you see?


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