Police rudeness

Thought I’d share from Nextdoor.com regarding our police officers being rude, there is no excuse for not being polite. Yes situations can be tense and everyone can get excited but in order for respect to be given it must be earned and that starts with politeness in all of our public servants. Rudeness is indeed interpretive especially with a professional that has been trained to be direct and to the point but nonetheless all police encounters that are disfavorable should be reported to the the 645-4880 Internal Affairs Bureau-Complaint line. Additionally if an officer is an utmost professional and did a great job, call the same line and report the excellent customer service. Remember though being direct and authoritative is not being rude, it is a personality trait that is taught in our police officers and is often considered offensive to most Americans. Please be cognitive of this as you would with anyone you have an interaction with.

Additionally, with any interaction with a police officers, get their badge number or name. I find it easier most times to remember the badge number.

Hope this all helps and understand I am a strong advocate of our police, I thank them often especially at community events, but I will also report bad conduct or inferior service that is not characteristic as to what the CPD strives to be. But I understand; as being a person that is also direct and to the point, I have been called rude on many of an occasion.


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