Sun Tea

Who doesn’t like sun tea!

Natural, no artificial ingredients and pennies per glass.

I like to use small jars that I clean in the dishwasher and then put parchment or wax paper in the lid (to prevent any lingering odors from the product that was in them). I use filtered water and your favorite tea bags ( I make the tea strong because it is poured over lots of ice later) and one or two fresh mint or lemon balm crushed or torn leaves placed in the water as well. Place outside and let the sun do it’s job. I use the small jars and date them so I know the tea doesn’t get old. Easier to put in the dishwasher as well since individual serving!

Once ready, fill a large tall glass with ice to the top, place another crushed or torn mint or lemon balm leaf on top of the ice, add sugar, dash of lemon or lime juice (and if appropriate your favorite alcoholic beverage) and pour the tea over a mesh strainer!



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