UPS Permanent Hire

So I had commented on 12/21/17 of tentatively accepting a Per Diem Site Supervisor position with The Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO). This was a two part plan to have some hours during the week and to compliment a permanent hire position at UPS that would mostly be on the weekends. So as it turns out I will not be accepting the position with the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO). After waiting a couple of weeks for the new hire packet and didn’t receive, I finally get a call asking to come in to phone interview with the regional manager. I did this upon my return from South Carolina and just didn’t get a good feel or fit for this position after it was offered to me. My plans were to work this on-call position during the week and work as a permanent hire with UPS on the weekends that was still in the final stages. Going forward I’ll pass on this opportunity and will start with UPS next week as a Package Dispatch Supervisor – one of the first positions I held as a temp. With my last temp assignment with UPS during Christmas, I was promised my choice of two positions – one at the Obetz location and one at the Trabue Rd location that is currently going thru a large expansion. I opted for the later because of it being close to me but also because of the advancement opportunities. Only part-time for now but that part time position comes with excellent healthcare coverage and tuition reimbursement and of course the opportunity to move within the organization, something I couldn’t do as a temp. Excited for this opportunity as it has reached 3 of my 9 goals for 2018!

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