ECOT Closing

Sad that ECOT is having problems and may potentially close. Speaking from personal experience though, ECOT ran on extravagance and perhaps should have better screened potential students to be sure they would be a good fit for online learning. ECOT did serve a good purpose though and provided a valuable service for non traditional students such as homeless children, group home children, or children of parents addicted to drugs. Of course the Ohio School system didn’t help matters any when they expelled “bad” students or shifted students that were not a “good” fit for brick and mortar classrooms to online learning. Not to mention lazy parents who just couldn’t find the time to get up early to be sure their children got to school on time and did their homework the night before.

Sad the owner will walk away with several years of excellent income and thousands of students will have to be re-acclimated to a public school setting.

Sad that our public schools can’t develop top notch programs to educate all education requirements for ALL students and had to tinker with allowing “alternative” schools receiving tax dollars to try and do the same.

The issue is not local and is a big faltering of our entire U.S. educational system. We’ll just have to keep bringing in educated immigrants to handle the technology jobs that our own so called educated citizens will not be able to do because of our country’s poor education system. Perhaps tide pods might help.

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