Hilltop Home Invasion Drug Related

Most of these so called “home invasions” are drug related and yes these people have been before a judge before. And these judges continually send these people right back into our communities to resume their drug selling and that they sure do boldly and proudly as if mocking the rest of the neighborhood. Yes, all this empathy about Heroin addiction and dealing and that we shouldn’t get too upset when a drug house is near to us, after all they are just making a living too right? Yep, YOU shouldn’t get upset because after all they are making a living, and as a consequence they bring the undesirable element such as people wanting to steal YOUR stuff and take to that house for trade; prostituting in YOUR alley and backyard for sex and if YOU were lucky enough YOU didn’t have to pick up that used condom because they didn’t use one; they leave their used needles and trash in YOUR neighborhood and YOU get to worry about whether YOU get to discard it before YOUR child finds it in YOUR backyard and starts to play with it; they don’t care or maintain the property they are living in and oh yes they are up late at night watching YOUR neighborhood but NOT for YOUR safety or well-being. And let’s not forget the constant loud street drama; constant traffic on YOUR street; sitting on their porch watching to see what YOUR “being home” schedule is so that they can schedule that visit to YOUR house when you are not home to “borrow” YOUR belongings; and oh those many cameras they have on their dilapidated house and garage that are not there to share crime activity to share with your neighborhood but rather to guard their inventory and to let them know when an armed gunman is getting ready to “pop” their house; and guns that seem to be the norm when they our in YOUR neighborhood because when they have one YOU feel only compelled (and rightly so) to have one too.

Our court system needs to find a better way to keep these people off the street and not let them off when community citizens work hard to get them off our streets. Drug dealing is the catalyst for most all other crime occurring on our streets such as domestic violence, gun shootings, and dangerous trained dogs escaping from their backyards. Shame on our judges for not seeing this especially when these judges campaigned in our neighborhoods and claimed to understand our plight. Shame on our city for passing out free needles and discussions of red boxes for proper needle disposal and now we’ll give our police officers Naloxone to carry to counter heroin overdoes but nowhere is there a discussion about how to deal with the drug dealing that is most likely on every block in our city if not two to three. Yep, we are sure on the right track.


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