A gun is a gun is a gun no matter what accessories or ammunition capacity it holds.

A gun is a gun is a gun no matter what accessories or ammunition capacity it holds. Still takes a sane or insane mind to pull the trigger. When we focus on the depths of the human mind to understand it’s capacity to hate, destroy, kill or nurture, care, or love and why we choose to focus on one or the other then perhaps we might understand ourselves better as a human race. We as a race are not perfect and probably will take even more evolutionary levels before we can put this behind us. For now there will continue to be hate, violence, bias, and prejudice disguised as religion, war, politics, and cultural teachings. And as an intelligent race we will continue to find tools to continue to propagate this endeavor. Something to consider when we start limiting our freedoms in order to protect ourselves or banning this level of a tool, or that one, then another, then another.

I will continue being a weapon owner and will continue to choose which weapon I own; I will continue to voice my opinion; I will continue to be who I am; I will continue to fight and advocate for my untethered free rights as outlined in our United States Constitution and protected by so many Americans who fought and died to protect this belief that we are a free nation under god for liberty and justice for all.

I will choose to march this Saturday, June 17th, something I haven’t done in years. I’m doing this out of solidarity, but most importantly I’m doing this not because it is an LGBT event but because it is a PRIDE Event! And MOST importantly from an unexpected inspiration from a dear married friend of mine who with two beautiful girls…

“will will be marching with my daughters and Planned Parenthood this weekend. I was not sure if I would even attend the parade this year, and certainly was not going to march, but with the endless barrage of hatred and violence against women, minorities, and anyone who is perceived as “different” in this country right now, I cannot think of a more critical time to stand with the LGBTQ community. So we will march for the fundamental right to Choose: Choose to become mothers; Choose who we love: Choose who we marry: Choose what we wear WITHOUT the fear of being sexually assaulted or objectified; CHOOSE how we live our lives. Period.”

This commitment and statement from my friend truly tells me what Gay Pride has become it’s about PRIDE no matter who you are! And whether my marching is in line with what you may believe or disagree with what I just said, I will march alongside you even if I’m not in agreement with what you believe or may offer as a comment to this post. It just makes me a better well rounded person to hear or learn of differing views. And as long as I have this ability to do so, I feel that I am making the biggest contribution I can to society. I hope it makes you one too.


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