Prostitution on Westside

Great article by Jay McCallister, Opinion Page, Blockwatch Beat, Westside Messenger. Remember prostitution in it’s historic sense is not really the issue, it’s the correlation that just about all prostitutes prostitute for the sole purpose of feeding their drug habit. The correlation here is that where you’ll find the “corner” or street prostitutes, you’ll find a drug house within a block and I can assure you within a block of where you live. Prostitutes are the “ants” that bring back the money to the drug houses which we know are really the bane of our drug crisis especially here on the Westside-Hilltop. Prostitution is clearly a problem, especially if you are seeing it in your neighborhood for it you see the one, rest assured you should have seen the drug dealing as well.

Remember if you see it, document it, report it, and follow up! And if you know of a problem, don’t hesitate to call the vice squad office at 645-4705 (not 615 as referenced in the article.) It starts with what we already know and DON’T ignore. Report it.

[Thanks Lisa Boggs for sharing this article]


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