Issue 2 and Issue 3

I say yes for issue 3 and no for issue 2. I’m not saying the issue 3 bill is perfect and it is indeed favoring pot growing monopolies, but banning pot decades ago was not written for the purpose intended either, but rather to stigmatize and control ethnic groups. Let’s make it legal already and iron out the kinks of the bill once it is on the books.

Issue 2 opposes monopolies in the state constitution. Some say it is also anti-pot.
Issue 3 would legalize both medical and recreational pot.

If you vote yes on Issue 2 and are in favor of yes for Issue 3, then voting yes on Issue 2 will supersede your yes vote for issue 3 because of the language in Issue 2.

“…You can’t talk about Issue 3 without thinking about Issue 2, the Ohio Initiated Monopolies Amendment. Most organizations that oppose the former support the latter, and vice versa. If approved, Issue 2, a bi-partisan measure put on the ballot by Ohio lawmakers, would require voters to approve two questions in back-to-back elections pertaining to initiatives establishing economic monopolies. Its language also says it will invalidate any initiatives voters approve on the Nov. 3 ballot that establish economic monopolies (read: Issue 3).

As a legislative proposal, Issue 2 would take effect prior to Issue 3, a voter-initiated proposal, says Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted. And, because Issue 2 would take effect immediately, if both issues pass, the marijuana issue would be invalidated, Husted says..” – Weed The People: The Money, Influence & Turmoil Behind Issue 3, By Jill Moorhead
From the October 15, 2015 edition


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