Property Value 09/08/14

Of my recent Franklin County tentative property value received in the mail yesterday, 08/09/14:

Yep, my house might as well be listed for sale with Big Lots or the Dollar Stores, as no prime Realtor will take it including the Reality company that sold me the house to begin complete with the promise of an up and coming neighborhood, best I’m getting is the ass of the City of Columbus.

It appears that we are now the Hilltop for a reason, in clearing up the other areas of the City we have become the dumping ground for every undesirable element of the City. We are piled so high here with City sh*t dumping that we are on the verge of moving beyond the Hilltop and becoming a Mountain.

Might as well file a petition and get it down to less than half the property value that I paid for this house back in 2005.

Anyone want to buy a lovely house with beautiful views of urban decay?


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