False Alarm at what cost?

False Alarm at what cost?

We do our best to fight crime, to burglar proof our homes by replacing old doors and window entries, by installing alarm systems hoping to protect our homes only to get a slap in the face by our City of Columbus Administration.

I was called this morning to check on an alarm setoff at a friend’s house. I met the police officer there who confirmed that there was no entry to the house and that all was secure [good news]. The Officer was outstanding in service, friendly and even though this wasn’t his precinct was very concerned and helpful regarding our neighborhood. He shared that the city is now making it expensive for when a police officer has to come out to your home because of an alarm signal set off [bad news].

He advised that you will continue to get two free runs per year, but after that you will have to pay the alarm call which breaks down as follows:
200 1st call (free per year)
400 2nd call (free per year)
800 3rd call – YOU PAY
1,600 4th call YOU PAY
and so forth.

He said that the Heroin epidemic in our neighborhood is fueling this. He said the addicts are breaking in during the day, especially garages.

They are bold and could care less to cause 100’s of dollars to your property just to get a 20 dollar item. And we are to be empathetic to these burglars and not take our gun and shoot them between their eyes or shoot off their manhood just because they have an addiction problem?

I’m telling you, we need to band together to protect our properties. What more can we do to protect our home and property and stay in our neighborhoods safely?

Frustrated about the Westside-Hilltop.


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