Columbus Zoo Levy

What a bunch of poop! And I know where it is coming from!

I don’t believe we should fund a permanent levy for the Zoo and still have to pay admission. The Zoo is very accessible where it is at for anyone in the city. I believe there is bus service to the Zoo, if not then let’s get on COTA for the service or more importantly let’s let our community churches, recreation parks, and community groups provide the transportation. Tearing down Veteran’s Memorial as part of this plan in addition to putting the auxiliary Zoo downtown is not acceptable to begin with and will not provide the proximity resources needed for our inner city. I’d rather see the money go to recreation services and if it is our youth we are concerned about for activities to do, then let’s use these same community resources for structured activities, educational items, employment trades, and civic responsibility and funnel money to these organizations. Also this money can be better served by improving our already existing but deteriorating infrastructure.

If the Zoo has helped build communities aside from monetary support then I’d like to see the tangible results. Bring the Zoo to some of our vast wasteland here on the Westside-Hilltop. The downtown has the luxury of enough monetary resources for any of it’s developments and does not need ANY tax levy!

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