Happy New Year! – Here’s to 2019

It’s been quite a year: 2018. Much has happened, many transitions, many friends lost and gained. I’ve uprooted and sold my home, lawn & garden, and left many years of relationships, comforts, routines, groups, cliques, occupations, community, well-being, and familiar surroundings.

I’ve relocated to Columbia, South Carolina, okay actually the dirt road country of South Carolina in Leesville, to start a big brand new adventure! So happy to be with my folks. I have a new place, yes in the country, with no neighbors, and so quiet that I might even think I sometimes miss the traffic, gun shots, and ghetto bird flying above. I’ve learned about well water and yes there is a pump under the house I hear every time I turn on the water. I’ve learned about septic systems and how they don’t work with those nice “flushable” toilet wipes and I’ve never thought I’d miss a garbage disposal until I realized you can’t have one with a septic system! But alas I don’t pay for water or sewage and if I want to take a piss anywhere in my yard the only harm is when I unknowingly stand on a fire ant hill while doing so! Yes they hurt and don’t take kindly disturbing their nice mounds!

I’ve struggled to make new friends, fit in, and adjust to the “ways” of people down here. Seems the speak your mind, high-paced, go-getter, get-it-done attitude that I’ve been for decades up North may not always be a charm down here in the South (Don’t get me started on the left-lane drivers who consistently will be on a Sunday leisurely drive during rush hour traffic or a one lane road and I’m in my Mazda and can’t Zoom Zoom!) Anyway, I’ve made mistakes mingling and I’m sure I’ll make more but I will make them with the support of my folks and future friends along the way. I’ve re-invented myself so many times thru out my life that this will only be another reiteration!

My move was focused on being closer to my folks, nature, the beach, and of course the warmer weather but also to realize that gone are the party days of earlier years and one must accept that being cool at my age is more about enjoying the creature comforts with a floppy hat on my head, perhaps a foofy drink, learning to fish, enjoying the abundance of wildlife and nature but most importantly to adapt to a different work force down South and acclimate myself to many more years of working if I’m to fit in and drive a pick up truck towing a boat to my water front property.

Happy New Year everyone! I know for me 2019 will bring many challenges, obstacles, and adjustments but I also know it will be filled with new adventures, new people, new friends, new loves, and especially precious years going forward with my folks. I hope 2019 will bring challenges to you as well for life isn’t living without challenges and change. Much Love and Happy New Year!


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