The Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO)

[Update 01/17/18] I have tentatively accepted a Per Diem Site Supervisor position with The Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO). This 501(c)3 nonprofit organization for more than 30 years, has been providing immediate, comprehensive and effective employment services for men and women returning from incarceration. This is a highly structured and tightly supervised program dedicated in helping participants regain the skills and confidence needed for successful transitions to stable, productive lives.

The Columbus, Ohio office is new but has established offices in Cincinnati & Cleveland, OH, New York, California, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.

I’m excited to be bringing my people skills, communication skills and my community involvement/awareness skills to this endeavor.


01/17/18/So turns out that I will not be accepting the position with the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO). After waiting a couple of weeks for the new hire packet and didn’t receive, I finally get a call asking to come in to phone interview with the regional manager. I did this upon my return from South Carolina and just didn’t get a good feel or fit for this position after it was offered to me. My plans were to work this on-call position during the week and work as a permanent hire with UPS on the weekends that was still in the final stages. Going forward I’ll pass on this opportunity and will start with UPS next week as a Package Dispatch Supervisor – one of the first positions I held as a temp. With my last temp assignment with UPS during Christmas, I was promised my choice of two positions – one at Obetz and one on Trabue Rd. I opted for the later because of it being close to me but also because of the advancement opportunities. Only part-time for now but that comes with excellent healthcare coverage and tuition reimbursement and of course the opportunity to move within the organization, something I couldn’t do as a temp. Excited for this opportunity as it has reached 3 of my 9 goals for 2018!

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