DACA – To End

It’s about time a current President makes our Congress work for what they were elected to do instead of spending their time raising money for their personal agenda. I hope our Congress realizes though that our DACA young people (yes OUR young people) thru no fault of their own in being in our country, are contributing members of our country and hopefully some allowances will be made to allow them to stay. BUT, however, close that damn door and Congress GET OFF YOUR BUTTS and FINALLY make a solid and fair immigration policy that has been avoided for decades now in fear of not being popular among their constituents.

Our country was founded on immigration and in order to sustain our country we will need to continue to allow immigration into our country BUT we do not need ILLEGAL immigration going forward in any form. Yes, we as a country have the right and should have the right to choose who we allow to come into our country permanently.

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