Monuments – Removing of

I’m so sick of all this hate especially wanting to go back and eradicate any monumental reference to our history just because it represented a time in history that disfavors a group today. Instead of focusing all that energy on taking down these monuments, work on what is today. Get involved, advocate, make your voice heard on our issues today. After all it is not what ultimately happened in our history it is what we have learned from that time and how we can make sure it doesn’t happen again. Seems to me taking down monuments is counter intuitive to that energy and focus. All this hate makes me want to pack up and reclaim my German citizenship and move to Germany. But then I think of a conversation I had yesterday evening with a new work colleague from Sierra Leone, Africa who came to this country because he had a dream, a dream of a wonderful country and although he disfavors our current climate and actions of our President he is proud to be an American. The pride and emotions I felt were hard to contain.

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