Pink Toilet – 03/18/17

So I’m not mechanically inclined. Always seems to be a process for me. Perhaps it’s the AADD. So when I had to put a new toilet fill value on this antique pink toilet in my upstairs bath with a pink bathtub, black with speckled pink linoleum, gray and pink tile, and one of those long dresser vanities with a pink sink, I figured it couldn’t be that hard. First problem I couldn’t get the water value to turn and struggled with that but finally after water hitting the floor (luckily no major water damage), I finally had to go down to the basement and turn the cold water line off to the upstairs bathroom. The toilet fill value goes on very easy but alas the water line to the tank is solid inflexible stainless steel so had to leave until I could get a flexible water line. I get that and put it in, pretty easy, put all back together and went to turn the water back on and thought yay, all done. Well turns out there was a leak and water had been accumulating on the floor unbeknownst to me. Luckily no water damage to the kitchen wall (below the bathroom). I find out it is the bolts that hold the tank to the bowl so off I go again to the hardware store and get a set of bolts to replace the ones in the toilet. After much grunting I get the old bolt off and put the new bolt in. So far all appears well but I haven’t sat my butt on it yet. LOL.


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