iPhone 6 stopped working

So I’m on I-64 in WV in the mountains streaming music and using the navigation system from my iPhone 6 when all of a sudden the screen goes black. Thinking my power cable must have become dislodged I fiddle with it and nothing. I decide maybe the car accessory port went out so plugged into another one. Still no luck. Switched out the cable and finally put my battery pack on the iPhone and still no luck. Managed to survive all the way to Statesville, NC before stopping and seeing if I could get my iPhone to work by connecting to my MacBook-iTunes. No luck. Frantic now I get online to find the nearest Apple store anywhere! Found two in Charlotte, NC so there I went since I was driving thru there anyway. Nice, young friendly Apple Tech guy plugged my phone into a diagnostic device and determined the problem – my processor is fried! I asked how could that be? Of course the reply, it just happens. So of course I’m out of warranty but for $300 they could replace the phone. I said that I was on a payment plan thru AT&T so wasn’t there something they could do. Well for $280 I could buy out my plan and keep my dead phone unless AT&T was willing to take the phone as turn in by buying out the remaining payments of totaling $80. I decide to go to AT&T and told them I wanted to upgrade and got the new 128 GB Jet Black 7 Plus. Clerk looked over the phone and saw was in pristine condition with no scratches. I though I was all set until the clerk tried to turn the phone on and nothing. She plugged it in and still nothing. Needless to say I had to pay the $280 plus the taxes on the new iPhone. I walked out the door much poorer (using all my savings) but I was at least connected to the world again. The phone is beautiful but by the time I got to Columbia, SC was dismayed at all the smudges and grime on the surface. This apparently is a flaw of the Jet Black phone as well as being highly susceptible to scratches. So going back to AT&T today to trade in for a different color and heck might as well just get a 256 GB. LOL. Also there is a repair service next to AT&T and will check to see about putting a new processor in the iPhone 6. If they can get it fixed and is reasonable before I leave I’ll just get that fixed and take the iPhone 7 back to AT&T. Sad thing is I’m really liking the feel and speed of this new phone. Battery life seems to be much better than my iPhone 6 as well. Yea, I can’t live without my phone!


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