Gay Real Estate

Hmmm very disappointed with a response I received from the Operations Manager of Gay Real Estate, after I made a query about relocating assistance to another state and asking about potential renting a house first before making a decision to buy a home in an unfamiliar area and seeking and wanting to do business with an LGBT organization for this process.

Jodi Gerber
Operations Manager
Gay Real Estate

Dear Jodi:

Regarding your response to my query on your website seeking your organization’s assistance in relocating to another state and to pursue housing options with the ultimate goal to purchase a home in a new area and your reply that “…our agents do not typically handle rental transactions..” I reflect on the definition of a a real estate agent as a person who sells or rents houses, land, offices, or buildings. Seems contrary to your statement and in my professional experience as an insurance agent that has always seized an opportunity to network, assist, engage and help others even if it was outside of my direct occupation of “selling” insurance; helping outside of your product sell eventually brings business two-fold into your product pipeline. It is also my understanding that it is not at all uncommon for real estate agents/realtors to assist a potential client in renting accommodations before purchasing a home especially for an out of area person wishing to locate to a new area. As in the Insurance Industry this is establishing a relationship pipeline that potentially would lead to business for the real estate agents/realtors. I sought out your organization for this process. The fact that you state that your agents typically do not handle rental transactions, information on potential locations, favored areas to purchase and relocation information (which initially your organization offered to send me) I personally find insulting and especially since I sought out to do business with an LGBT organization. I will not consider going forward with doing business with your organization and would strongly suggest you re-evaluate your position on this especially your statement of not typically handling rental transactions which I’m sure from what I know of real estate agents is not the case as there are always situations where a seller may want to rent a home for awhile and a buyer may want to evaluate a new area before making a commitment to buy.

This is all in the realm of professional networking and I assure you coming from an insurance agent’s perspective these are all excellent opportunities for professional networking and professional referral networking all of which any agent in any industry would lick their lips for.

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