School Board Proposes Issue 57: A Three-Part Ballot Issue

No!, No!, No! – Get your house in order first before asking for money! There is tremendous waste in our Columbus Public School System and we have a severe inefficiency on how citizens are taxed in order to fund our schools. Perhaps explore how to better secure funding! Myself I have no problem in assisting our public schools even though I do not have children but hell no should I have to contribute more of my tax dollars to support families having 4-6 kids. There should be a method to tax on families with children and not on property taxes. It’s not a fair distribution. Additionally I shouldn’t have to pay more taxes when housing developers come in and build 100 family units and not have to pay anything for the increased infrastructure to build these developments and then a tax levy to support a new school that now has to be built because of that new development. Tax that development or make the developer create a fund to pay for that inevitable new school. It’s only fair and sensible.

School Board Proposes Issue 57: A Three-Part Ballot Issue

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