On the House: 39 new Hilltop houses intended to transform lives of low-income tenants

The article states that they are being rented for 15 years and then will be sold but it makes no mention of transitioning the renters already in the homes to home owners as the Homes on the Hill program originally stated in it’s program criteria. To me this is a fail as it only just continues to bring in “renter” minded occupants who statistically have a lesser stake in wanting to better or become a contributing part of the community they live in. My argument here is that there is nothing wrong with renters but we need people that have a vested interest to stay in the community.

And also the average cost to build a home in the 43204 area code is: $97.77 SF
So assuming a 1,800 SF = $ 175,986
Or a 2,000 SF = $195,540
So $210,000 seems kind of steep to me for a three bedroom.
On the House: 39 new Hilltop houses intended to transform lives of low-income tenants

Sunday July 3, 2016 5:00 AM

Jim Weiker writes on home and garden topics. Reach him at 614-461-5513 or by email.




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