Sozialamt Kasse

“You stay behind, we [are the] new people of Merkel (German Chancellor Angela Merkel). You Nazi.”

Sozialamt Kasse = Government assistance agency

And you don’t think this isn’t happening here? We allow our neighborhoods to deteriorate with poverty, no assistance for better educating our youth to at least try to maintain an image of being a world power, explore funding to provide adequate healthcare for millions who are or will be out-of-market priced for just basic medical care, explore funding to accommodate our ever-aging population and ever-increasing life-spans, no assistance for our own to step up and make a better life but we have all this empathy for others around the world and beg to take them in and provide for them so that they may have a better life….Yes, call me selfish, prejudiced and bigoted and perhaps even ill-informed for not being so worldly for I only see what goes on outside my front door everyday, around me, and around the country. I am only a selfish American who would like for once to see perhaps half of these dollars we are currently spending on helping “others’ to just help our own damn selves. Yes we are a nation of and founded by immigrants, perhaps we just need a bit of time to take-care of the immigrants we already have before inviting more in. – Jus’ Sayin’


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