George Takei calls for compassion after Paris attacks: ‘We must resist the urge to dehumanize’

George Takei calls for compassion after Paris attacks: ‘We must resist the urge to dehumanize’
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13 NOV 2015 AT 21:53 ET

Actor and social activist George Takei encouraged Americans not to turn the terrorist attacks against Paris on Friday into an excuse for racist behavior.

“We must resist the urge to categorize and dehumanize, for it is that very impulse that fueled the insanity and violence perpetrated this evening,” Takei wrote on his Facebook page.

At least 120 people died on Friday in the series of assaults against six sites in the French capital, most of them during a hostage situation at a local concert hall. Takei said in the post that he was writing while he was backstage during a performance of Allegiance, a critically-acclaimed Broadway show dealing with the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

“There no doubt will be those who look upon immigrants and refugees as the enemy as a result of these attacks, because they look like those who perpetrated these attacks, just as peaceful Japanese Americans were viewed as the enemy after Pearl Harbor,” he wrote.

He closed the short post by encouraging fans to “pray or wish for peace, not only from guns and bombs, but from hatred and fear.”

“Tonight, hold your loved ones, and If it is our freedom and joy they seek to destroy, give them not that victory. Against the forces of darkness and terror, love and compassion shall always prevail. #‎JeSuisParis,” he wrote.
Pardon me, but I have no compassion for ISIS. No I’m not racist, I’m not prejudiced nor do I show disdain for Muslims in this country. I will show however disdain for a radical group that has no regard for human life in order to push their agenda under the guise of their religion. As usual religion has been used as a tool to push an agenda, conquering, destroying culture and attempting to become the dominant force. Have I read the Quran – no. Do I understand fully it’s teachings – no. What I do know is that under it’s name, groups, radical groups are using it to discredit my life, my society, my country, and my well-being. No, I will not show compassion for these threats against me. Personally I think they should all get together and hold hands and blow themselves up in a remote desert and show their faith in a big blinding bang light and then let nature and animals return them to the earth.

Don’t Tread On Me!


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