Rental move-outs are neighborhood eyesores. Neighbors upset at trash piles on curb. – The Columbus Dispatch, 08/28/15

Rental move-outs are neighborhood eyesores. Neighbors upset at trash piles on curb. – The Columbus Dispatch, 08/28/15

The landlord blames the tenant and the tenant blames the landlord. You’ll note that the tenant is nowhere to be reached regarding this issue and of course the landlord/property manager refuses to comment. Rest assured though that the tenant and their destructive behavior have moved on; perhaps to a rental property on your street. Rest assured they will repeat the process as they have no intention of staying long. Rest assured the new landlord with happily rent to them. Such a sickening symbiotic relationship. Both parties pray on each other. Process repeats. Unfortunately this pathetic symbiotic relationship which is understood hurts each other but alas the real victims here are the communities that have to put up with this. Landlords cry it is not their fault and it’s not their responsibility to haul away their tenants trash and debris. The tenant states that because they were “done wrong” they have no guilt in destroying the property. So the process continues and communities continue to fight and advocate that rental properties maintained by inexperienced or unscrupulous property owners, especially on the Westside-Hilltop mostly provide no economic value to our community and time and time again we have these landlords praying on families desperate for housing that will accept housing conditions that you and I would never accept.

Landlord states I’ve been hurt financially, tenant states I’ve been “done wrong”, communities continue to pay via taxes, increased water, trash pickup costs not to mention having to deal with the unsightly properties and perhaps shady elements that get brought into our communities.

This needs to stop and shouldn’t be the burden of the communities to constantly have to monitor and report on these properties. Ultimately it starts with a responsible property owner. Owner-lived properties have a vested interest in that property and the community it resides in. They will advocate and partner in the community to ensure their property remains safe and maintains it’s value. Owner-lived properties can’t just write off a property or move away when the community gets bad. Investment rental properties on the other hand, especially those bought up cheap and rented indiscriminately to turn a profit, will just write off that property as a loss and benefit from further deterioration of that property all the while living in a nice neighborhood with a median income double to triple the income of that investment property. We don’t need nor want you in our communities and rest assured we are watching, we are researching, and we will expose. You state that all landlords are not bad? True that, but you’ll note it’s never the good landlords that have a problem with tenants or with the communities their property resides in. You’ll probably never even know of that good landlord with that rental property on your street because the tenant treats the property as their own and the whole issue of landlord/slumlord becomes mute because there is no issue. Just people living striving to maintain a safe, secure, clean, and vibrant community. We all play a part to this success, I think I’ve made my point clear, which one of you I don’t want in my community.

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