The Complicated Political History Of The Confederate Flag

Commentary of: The Complicated Political History Of The Confederate Flag – [source: JUNE 22, 2015 6:19 PM ET, Jessica Taylor]

The confederate flag has a different meaning down South than up North.

“…in 2000, a compromise was reached ā€” the battle flag would be removed from atop the dome and a smaller, square version would be placed at a less-prominent place on the Statehouse grounds ā€” on a 20-foot pole next to the 30-foot Confederate monument. But that didn’t end the controversy, and many years of protests, criticism and boycotts followed.”

– [Source:

So next let’s remove the confederate monument in Columbia, SC and oh also Camp Chase on Sullivant Ave that is celebrated yearly locally. We can’t have confederate anything – let’s ban the selling of it all and let’s remove it from the history books. Sort of like Germany banning the swastika and anything associated with it after the new government. Heck let’s burn those books as well. And while we are at it, that rainbow flag is not accepted by most of the American population, let’s get rid of that as well.

Yep that’s it, erase it and we will eradicate racism and prejudice in our country. Yeah, let’s get back to reality. Don’t hide what we’ve done, let’s just educate not to do it again.

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