Photos can no longer drag into faceBook

Photos can no longer drag into faceBook

The new Photo for Mac doesn’t allow you to drag photos from the application into FaceBook posts or cover photo like you used to under iPhoto. This was always an awesome feature especially on the Mac.

This is my workaround.

1.        Open Finder
2.        Create a Folder called Media (I created it under Desktop since I don’t intend to archive files here)
3.        Once created drag to your Favorites panel
4.        From Photo drag your photo to upload to your Media folder
5.        From Finder/Media Folder drag the file to FaceBook post or to your Page Cover Photo (I change my Cover photo frequently)
6.        Once uploaded you can delete the item from the Media Folder as this is just a transfer folder and not an archive folder.

Yes, I know I can just do an upload from FaceBook but you would have to have moved the file from Photo to your directory anyway and then have to locate it.

If you have a better way, please share. It’s frustrating when changes such as this are made.

[SETII 05/12/15]


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