Puppy – 145 N Chase Ave, Columbus, OH 43204 – Left out in the cold at night 16 F – 01/09/15/1:36 AM

01/09/14/1:36 AM/The ignorance of some people leaving their poor puppy outside in this cold weather. Hence the purpose of a recent post. Animal Control and police called. Thanks neighbors for calling as well. Every dog deserves a good home, unfortunately this poor puppy shouldn’t be with these people.

01/09/14/Update/Neighbor did get ahold of a member in the household, teenager answered the phone and said she would bring the puppy in. Things quiet but unfortunately, late morning, puppy was found in the alley outside the property fence line. Blatantly, the owner just dumped the puppy. Sad but ok, a home has since been found for this adorable puppy. Puppy was starved for food and ate five bowls of food. Puppy is afraid to go outside in fear of being left out again. Potty training will be a bit of a problem during this cold weather. Glad this puppy about 3 months old will be going to a loving home.wpid-img_5818-2015-01-9-20-57.jpgwpid-img_5819-2015-01-9-20-57.jpg

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