So I was asked to place arrows pointing to the slot where the intake mail is to go, so that our trainer postal carriers understand that the mail is to go into the slot (referenced above the arrow) and not in the outtake section inside the door. This is a regulation locking USPS mailbox. Key provided to the Post Office. I was told that the trainer postal carriers are not familiar with such mailboxes and therefore the arrow should help them out. One would think that this sort of training is provided when they are taught how to drop off mail or that perhaps common sense would dictate that if a box is showing as a locked device that perhaps the mail should BEST be put INSIDE the locked portion of that box and not external to the locked portion of the mailbox. I offered to be an employee with the USPS since it appears that this basic common sense is not currently a hiring requirement and since I possess this basic skill set, I would be a great asset to the USPS but was told “to not go there.”

I have made three official claims with the USPS investigations on this and of course nothing gets resolved other than I am told that the local Postmaster will be advised. When I last spoke with the manager at the local post office (Georgesville Rd) this was his solution and that I should be understanding that they just may not know that mail should be deposited into the locking portion of the box.

Rates continue to go up with the USPS and customer service with them continues to deteriorate. As long as the USPS will be run with a government mind set instead of operating like a profitable business, we consumers will continue to receive poor service, poor customer service, and continue with decreased services such as potentially having Saturday service stop.


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