Getting Rid of Rats

Yes, this came in the mail. So if you didn’t already know…..Don’t feed the rats!

Seriously – Clean up your yard. Have junk, like old cars and appliances, hauled away. Call 645-3111 about collecting bulk items or report online:

Stack building materials, lumber and fire wood at least 18 inches off the ground. Remove leaves, branches and other yard waste. Keep grass and weed cut low (under 12 inches.)

Some wonder why others take this so seriously, well illegally dumping your trash in our alleys or hoarding in your yard affects all of us. Just because it is your yard does not give you license to be so disconcerted about keeping it clean. Lots of us are watching and we will use Columbus311, 645-3111 or Nail-A-Dumper – It’s a Crime:

Do your part today.
1. Clean up.
2. Observe
3. Document
4. Report
5. Followup


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